Android VS IOS – Which One Is Better and Why!

Android vs IOS is one of the most interesting and debatable topic and many of the experts in this field have already made some comparisons. But most of the comparisons available are biased and unfortunately, they hide most of the chief elements of either the Android or IOS. So, let’s start the Android vs IOS debate.

Google’s Android and Apple’s IOS are commonly used throughout the globe. Most of the devices are using these platforms depending upon the nature of their manufacturer and are commonly found in devices such as android phones, tablet, iPads, and iPods.

What is OS?

Firstly, let me explain what is the operating system? An operating system is actually a set of programs that manages and interpret all of the operations and components within any device.

Android VS IOS – Debate Starts Now!

Android VS IOS – Which One Is Better and Why!

Now let’s start talking about the Google’s Android. Android operating system is most commonly used the operating system in the world right now. The Android OS was officially released on November 5, 2007. The very first android OS was injected in the ‘Alpha 1.0’. Well, personally speaking, I am also a fan of android OS and I just love to debate on Android vs IOS.

Android is such an ocean which provide no limitations to the customization. Users can easily modify android as they want to modify. The modifications include the fonts, icons, and even the installation of custom ROM.

Now, right from this point, the whole story of Android vs IOS topic will get change because if you have windows operating system on your desktop and on the other hand, you have IOS on your device, then it is perfectly sure that you can’t share data from one device to another.

IOS is completely different from Android. The very first iPhone was officially released on June 29, 2007, in the United States. On IOS, you just can’t customize the fonts, icons, launchers, and surprisingly, the device running on IOS doesn’t provide you the custom widgets support. Users can do customization only by following the directions assigned by the Apple.

If you want to share any type of multimedia, the iTunes app will be required to do so but in Android, nothing is needed to share multimedia stuff.

And another big difference between these two operating system is that almost every android phone has three to four soft keys like home, back, and multitasking window buttons whereas in iPhone, you only have one key to do every task and most of the users literally doesn’t like that.

How’s The Winner?

Android VS IOS – Which One Is Better and Why!

So, this was just a short debate on Android vs IOS and the winner of the debate can’t be mentioned because the likes and dislikes of anything depend upon the requirements of the user. Now, you must have a look at the Samsung VS iPhone as well.


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