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Top 3 best free music apps for Android 2016

Can you imagine a day without even a mild music? Well, I know your answer will be a big NO! That’s why I have recently spent my entire week to make a research and luckily have found 3 best free music apps for Android.

All that matters is the User Interface and the User Experience of the app plus the user-friendliness is also a chief element. You can eventually store your favorite songs separately into these best free music apps. So, let’s get started!

1-      Deezer

Top 3 best free music apps for Android 2016

Deezer is on board for a few couple of months and is becoming most popular in the list of best free music apps for Android. The Flow feature of Deezer allows you to listen and make unlimited playlists. It also helps in providing you the lyrics fetching with every song of your taste. These were the specs of the free version of Deezer. The premium version of Deezer includes the high-quality audio, Android Auto support, and most importantly the offline listening.

2-      Google Play Music

Top 3 best free music apps for Android 2016

The functionality of providing user to upload over 50,000 favorite songs into the Cloud to listen to them when you want to listen. Google Play Music comes in with the option of podcasts for paid and free users as well. There are literally a lot of functionality that I just can’t explain in few lines. You must try it for once.

3-      iHeartRadio

Top 3 best free music apps for Android 2016

iHeartRadio is listed in the most popular and best free music apps for android only because of its boundless functionalities. The word radio isn’t there just for the formality, it’s there because this app has some amazing features of radio built in it. You can stream to your favorite songs and other music just by tuning to that station. Talk radio, podcasts, and comedy shows are some common shows that are streamed over the radio.



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