Science Websites for Kids-Top 9 websites For Learning Education

Science Websites for Kids-Top 9 websites For Learning Education

Science Websites for Kids

Your children cannot succeed without the scientific knowledge. The easiest way to teach your children about science is to teach them from science websites for kids. Administration of such websites tries their best to provide you with the filtered meaningful content. So, it motivated me to write a brief article for you about science websites for kids so that you can direct your children towards such websites for learning purposes. As you know, only school teachings are not enough for the students to pick the complete scientific concepts completely so getting help from the online websites could be the best ever idea.

  1. Try science

Try science is the first website and the first step by a student to teach the better and clear concepts of the science to the kids. In this website, you’ll find a lot more information other than science e.g. math, chemistry, physics, biology and so on. This website not only provides with the basic scientific concepts but also provides science games for kids.

link to the website: Try science.

  1. How Stuff Works

How Stuff works include almost all science topics like life science, earth science, space science, hair coloring and nuclear fission. This site is not dedicated to the children only, in fact, teachers and parents can also find some very interesting information here. It is specially for high school student because it is little bit complex for middle or elementary school student. This is one of the best science websites for kids.

Link to the website:  How Stuff Work.

  1. The Exploratorium

The Exploratorium website includes the touch, listen, taste and smell type of science. It also provides information about physiology, earth science and engineering. This website also has a beautiful museum located in is in Francisco. Different online experiments are carried out in its online classes on the website. It is better for you to visit real Exploratorium. It also has separate navigation systems for teachers and parents.

Link to the website: The Exploratorium.

  1. Science Toys

Science Toys is one of the most famous science websites for kids who make some exciting science gadgets as like making a clock from potato or crystal radio or more gadget like that. It also provides the opportunities for different online experiments on the weekly basis. This website is dedicated to high school students but middle and elementary school students can also join and enjoy their experiments.

Link to the website: Science Toys.

  1. Bill Nye

Bill Nye is known as science guy in the worldwide. Without this project of Bill Nye, science websites for kids can never be as good as now. The science guy also hosts different T.V shows where he teaches different science stuff. As you know teaching style matter a lot, Bill Nye is popular amongst fewer explainers who can make anything understand easily.

Link to the website: Bill Nye

  1. Science news for Kids

In science news for kids, they teach how forensic teams solve crimes especially that is popular like red hot iron in media. The very good thing about this website is its update policy, this site is updated on regular basis. This site can help middle school student very easily.

Link to the website: Science news for kids.

  1. BrainPOP

BrainPOP talks about the science that is used to animate the movies. This website also includes the math, English, music and art lectures and study based analysis. This site is for any type of school student.

Link to the website: BrainPOP.

  1. Chemistry Activity for kids

As the name suggests, this site is all about chemistry. This site also provides experiment regarding chemistry. Different chemical experiments are demonstrated on this website but remember if you are planning to perform some chemical experiment at home then it must be done the supervision of an elder who knows the rules of the lab.

Link to the website: Chemistry activity for kids.

  1. Extreme Science

After visiting this website some student says that “science rocks!”. This site is for middle school students as well. This site is about the animal kingdoms, space sciences, ocean sciences and the earth sciences.

Link to the website: Extreme Science.




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