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4 Brand New Amazing Tips To Make Money Online

4 Brand New Amazing Tips To Make Money Online:

“Online Earning” is something really interesting and enjoying because of the fact that it can be done at your OWN HOME. You need not to mess up with your boss, you need not to go outside and interact with the pollution, and all this can be done by sitting on a chair in your home. Those who don’t know even the “ABC” of the online earning will definitely gonna get some brand new ideas here. Moreover, people who are still doing those OLD TYPE OF FREELANCING will also get the efficient and resourceful ways to make money online.

Before getting started, let me tell you one thing that you have to be a creative thinker while looking for brand new ideas of making online. Now, let’s get started with the first one.

Sell whatever that is not in your use:

If you’re not using any stuff, like an old bicycle or an old piano, just make some pics of that stuff and post it on eBay or on any other online store. Someone will soon contact you for the purchase. This method will surely help you to make money online and will help you in saving some extra bucks and there isn’t any investment in this method, that’s a thing which strikes most of us.

Sell your hair:


4 Brand New Amazing Tips To Make Money From Home

You can make $500 by selling 10 inches of your hair. I’m serious! There is a website (buyandsellhair.com) which literally allows a platform where you can sell 10 inches of your hair in return of a huge amount of money. Visit the website for more details. This is the second legit way that we have collected after doing a lot of creative research.

Make catchy pics of your city:


4 Brand New Amazing Tips To Make Money From Home4 Brand New Amazing Tips To Make Money From Home

If you’re living a in a big city where there is a lot of hustle and bustle, you can make some pretty awesome pics of awesome locations and sell them to the travel companies. After capturing lots of pics, send email to the travel companies and ask them, “Hey, I have got some of the most awesome pics of our city”. The travel companies are always in search of such eye-catching REAL images of their city so that they can use them to attract the tourists. That’s also a great idea to make money online and save some extra bucks at home.



Visit Craigslist.com and open up the ‘FREE ITEMS’ section. You will see some really old and rusty items there. Pick one that can be refurbished so that it will be able to sell. For example, once I found a set of old picture frames and I immediately bought that because I knew, I can refurbish it and can sell it anytime at any cost. All you have to do is to buy a free item, refurbish it by investing some money and sell it online (on eBay, as mentioned above). Now, here you’re getting a free stuff ONLINE and after some processes, you are selling it ONLINE.

There are many websites that provide you ways to make money online like WikiHow is providing ways to make money but the above mentioned tips are very helpful to a person who doesn’t want to go office for the work or it can be helpful for a student who wants to make some money to bear his expenses.

So, these were the 4 brand new ideas that you can use to make money online while laying down on a bed along with a cup of coffee. (Know how a cup of coffee can benefit a freelancer…!)


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Dannielle Bielik

i have 7 cxc 0’level passes including math and english, i don’t have a certificate for I.T, but i have had jobs which consisted of data entry and was also a data operator for customs and excise, my question is what qualifies for the IT personnel job?