Amazing Facts About Earth - Interesting Facts About Earth Astronomy

Amazing Facts About Earth – Interesting Facts About Earth Astronomy

Here I have some amazing facts about Earth and I hope you would love to read about them. The mindset of human is changing rapidly about earth facts because in this modern age of science and technology where new inventions, theories, and laws are declared with the blink of an eye. The aim of this article is to provide you with the information that you will never read in your school, college or university books. Earth is your planet so why shouldn’t you read and discover new amazing facts about Earth? So, let’s get started with the hottest earth facts that are going to blow your brain out of your skull!

Amazing facts about Earth – Mysterious but interesting things that you don’t know

As you know the sun is a star in a planetary system having 8 planets(excluding Pluto) around whom all other planets revolve. Earth is a third planet of the solar system which revolves around the sun and completes one rotation around the sun in 365 and 1/4 days(not exactly 365 days). The sum of 1/4 + 1/4 + 1/4 + 1/4 = 1 day which makes a leap year after every 4 years or years that are divisible by 4 and because of this extra day we get an extra day in February of every leap year.
Earth is one of the planets where life can exist and because of 75% water and 25% land area, it is called as ocean planet. This fact is considered as one of the best amazing facts about Earth.

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Why is Earth Shaped Like an Oval?

When we observe Earth in a picture, we assume it is of a circular shape but this is not the truth. Earth’s shape is similar to an egg that is an oval shaped or an ellipsoid shape. Earth has a major and minor axis in terms of mathematics but in terms of earth, its polar diameter is 12,724 km and equatorial diameter is 12,756 km. These two diameters make an oblate spheroid or ellipsoid shape. So, was that informative? Did you ever learn such thing in your class? Let’s discuss another amazing fact about the earth.

Background of Earth’s shape

The background of this shape is a force of gravity that pulls the masses of planets nearest to the center of gravity. Also, I suppose you know that we walk on the earth just because of this force. In the 17th century, Sir Issac Newton was an English mathematician who discovered there is a gravitational force who pulls object closer to a center of gravity. In 1687 he published his principal about the law of gravitation. The reason of earth to look like a circle is due to its gravitational rotation that is about 108,000 km/h.

Do You Know How Days And Nights Result in A Seasonal Change?

In school, I was taught that a day lasts for 24 hours but in reality, a day does not last exactly 24 hours, in fact, it lasts for 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4 seconds. Now conversion of the day to night and night to days depends upon the rotation of the earth about its axis. When the side of earth smiles and looks towards to the sun then we observe a day and on the other hand, the night will be observed when the earth is not facing the sun. When sun is closer to Earth towards the southern hemisphere then summer comes and when it goes farthest away from Northern hemisphere then winter comes.

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 Do you know earth profile?

Look some Amazing facts about earth

  1. Equilateral diameter       12,756km
  2. Polar diameter                  12,714km
  3. Moons                                 just(one)
  4. surface  temperature       -88 to 55-degree centigrade
  5. Orbit period                        365.24 days
  6. Orbit distance                     149,598,262km(1 Au)
  7. water on its surface            75%
  8. land on its surface            25%
  9. the number of planets                  3
  10. Mass                                        5.97*10^24kg
  11. Distance from the sun         150 million km or 93 million miles

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Uniqueness of Earth with Compared to other Planets

Earth has some uniqueness with if compared to the other planets. It is the only planet where life exists and the scientific reason for this existence of life is the presence of 21% oxygen. Earth is the only planet in the universe which has a liquid surface on it (because of 71% water on it). Earth has one moon that revolves around it. It has populated are of 56,000 people in 2 million square meter area.

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In conclusion, we know that our planet is running short of water (Europe doesn’t care, ask Africa) So we must save our water because without water life is impossible. Oxygen is also one of our precious assets but because of dangerous carbon gases ultra-radiations from the sun are penetrating through the ozone layer and causing chronic cancer. We can save our ozone layer too and an only solution is a maximum number of trees. Trees produce oxygen and this oxygen can save earth from those dangerous radiations coming from the sun.

I loved writing these amazing facts about Earth and I hope you loved reading them too 🙂

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