Android Nougat 7 – New Features, Updates, Security and Release Dates of Modified Versions

Android Nougat 7 – New Features, Updates, Security and Release Dates of Modified Versions


Android Basics:

Android is an operating system that runs on the smartphones and is developed by the Google, based on Linux kernel, designed for touch devices like tablets and smartphones. Its user interface is based on direct manipulation on the screen such as swiping, pinching, tapping and virtual keyboard for text input.

According to Wikipedia, Android Inc. was developed in Palo Alto California in October 2003 and Google purchased it in 2005. On November 5, 2007, an Open Handset Alliance was unveiled with technological companies such as device manufacturers such as Google, HTC, Sony, Samsung etc.

Android Nougat 7 – New Features, Updates, Security and Release Dates of Modified Versions

Important Dates:

Android Nougat, the latest android version of today, is the world’s seventh major and biggest version of Android OS as 7.1 officially released on August 22, 2016.

On March 9, 2016, Google released Developer Preview 1 of Android Nougat 7 as an integral part of  the Android Beta Program. Basically, this program was only compatible with the latest Nexus devices as 6P, 5X, 9, 6, Pixel C and Nexus Player, allows testers to test new beta version.

On April 13, 2016, Android N Preview 2 was released. On May 18, 2016, Google released Android Preview 3 of Android as for the public, means anyone can try it out. On June 30, 2016, Google officially announced it’s named “Nougat” version 7.0 of Android. Final Preview 5 was then updated and was released on July 18, 2016.

On October 11, 2016, Google officially announced Android 7.1 having additional features in operating system platform. On October 19, released on Nexus devices as 5X, 6P. Google have a planning of final release in December 2016.


As per user experience, Android N introduces a split screen display modes for smartphones, in which two apps can be snapped occupy half of the screen. Experimental multimode features are available as hidden, shows multiple apps can be appearing simultaneously in overlapping windows. In the replacement of notification card, Notification shade is redesigned featuring a small row of icons, allowing inline replies.

Multiple notifications from a single app are bundled. A new feature as “Data Saver” mode restricts mobile data usage and triggers the internal applications to reduce the bandwidth usage.

Android Nougat 7 – New Features, Updates, Security and Release Dates of Modified Versions

As per platform, adds native API support of implementing image keyboards, rounded icons for apps that assist in launching and multi-endpoint telephony. Google Daydream Virtual Reality introduced in Android 7.1. It has multiple features as VR mode for reduced in graphics latency, “Sustained Performance mode” for the assistance of the developers in order to optimize apps in thermal profile, new head tracking algorithm is used getting input from various sensors and notification panel into VR (virtual reality) user interface. Well, the entire control over the VR is quite a unique update this time.


Android Nougat users who encrypt their phones have no longer instance to enter their security codes again and again after the reboot of the device and then wait for a device to restart to use core features. New file based encryption at a granular level is used in it to isolate the profile of users. Moreover, hardware backed encryption navigation/keys are necessary for all the new gadgets that run Android Nougat.

Android Nougat required all devices verified boot support. The result is corrupt smartphones won’t start at all, provide access to safe apps and services after the start.

Google cracked down on sharing permissions between apps, moreover, apps having admin permissions in Android Nougat no longer prevent users from uninstalling or changing the PINs codes to lock them out. Forbes has also written some content related to Android Nougat. Android N has a support of VPN (virtual private network) in a corporate environment to run the business apps.

In a corporate environment, IT set separate passcodes to lock out the device, restriction on specific apps and their users can employ simple PINs to access the personal data. A new work made an icon in the drop down menu provides functionality to the user that disable all the work related apps when they don’t want to be distracted.



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