List Of Five Animals That Are Extinct Because Of Humans Activities

List Of Five Animals That Are Extinct Because Of Humans Activities


No doubt, the world is full of wonders and beautiful species which makes this world more beautiful and lovable. But humans are destroying the beauties of the world by their activities. Humans activities have an enormous amount of fatal effects on our environment which led to the extinction of species. In the last ten thousand years’ human’s activities has an impact on beauty specie of world. Species are going to extinct faster now as a result of human activity around the globe. If we track the human record of preserving and protecting these species is not being good. Here we will discuss the animals which are primarily extinct because of the human’s cause.



The Quagga was the uniquely patterned subspecies of zebra with the front half looking like a zebra and the front half looking more like a horse that’s why it is called the Zebra’s cousin. The Quagga was the prized attraction for the natives on the African plain who hunted the quagga for its skin and sometimes for meat. When Dutch settlers colonize the area quadrant was considered more than pest at a prime and it was hunted to reduce grazing competition with their own livestock. The quagga once roaming in herds of hundreds was decimated by the 1850s and by 1878 the last wild quagga died. At one time they roam South Africa in large amounts herds but the European settlers killed them at the alarming rate.

Javan Tiger

Three tiger’s subspecies are extinct within the last eighty years and the Javan tiger is among them. formerly found in having the most populated island in Indonesia. The tiger was widespread on the island at the turn of the 20th century until a human population explosion resulted in a loss of habitat that caught the massive decline. In the 1930s almost a quarter of java was forest but by the mid of 70s forests accounted for less than 10 percent of the island mass killings by the hunters and soldiers further whittled the population down and by 1980 only a handful of tigers remained. The last-known Javan Tiger was killed in 1984.

The Falkland Islands Wolf

The Falkland Island Wolves are also known aswarrah” and sometimes as “Falkland island Dogs. Without any predators to instil consciousness these small foxes like wolves were sitting ducks for the first human settlers on the islands. The wolves had no natural fear of humans and nowhere to hide if they did with little resistance. The wolves were hunted indiscriminately for everything from fur livestock safety and just plain fun. The by the time Charles Darwin arrived on the island in 1833 he noted the rarity of the wolf and predicted their demise within a few years. Enough in 1876, the Falkland wolves were extinct

Steller’s Sea Cow

Steller’s Sea Cows were firstly discovered in 18th century by the George Wilhelm Steller. George Wilhelm Steller named them as he was the naturalist and zoologist who discovered the species in 1741. As the largest kind of Serena in history, the Steller’s Sea Cow was a conspicuous staple of North Pacific marine life. The Sea cow was not known for its speed so as a result exponent meant who was easily hunted by European sailors for its meat, skin, fat and oil. The sea cow had already been hunted centuries prior by aboriginal meaning that only a single small population remained around the commander island by 1768 the population was entirely destroyed and no verified sightings of the sea cow appeared after. Thus, within 27 years of Europeans first laying eyes on it the stellar sea was officially extinct.


Atlas bear

The Atlas bear and the African bear are the same bears from the forest population of Africa. The Atlas bear was the only bear who survived in the modern age. The reason for the extinction of the Atlas bear was inhabiting the Atlas Mountains of. It was the only native bear of Africa of all times. The Atlas bear had brownish and black colour with the white spot on the muzzle. Atlas bear used in gladiator events in Roman times. The Atlas bear was a large formidable carnivore and the only endemic to modern Africa. The Roman Empire was largely responsible for the bear’s decline as thousands were captured and ritualistically killed in invading and fighting competitions. Following the failure of the empire and the advent firearms the bears were over hunted and driven to small fragmented populations in the Atlas Mountains. They became a rare and sought-after item for collectors was maybe being captured for zoos and fairs which further attribute the population. The Bears fell to human greed and the last individual was in 1870 and then atlas bear was disappeared and officially extinct.




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