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Apple iPhone 7 Battery Explosion Issue Has Made The Situation Worst!

 Apple iPhone 7 battery explosion

Well, we know the competitors copy each other because it’s a great technique of marketing. The Apple iPhone 7 is seriously following some marketing rules as well. Yes! After a BLASTING launch of Samsung Galaxy Note7, Apple iPhone 7 battery explosion issue got a huge interest after the battery exploded while shipping.

Apple iPhone 7 gets exploded













Well, this is how it looks when it gets HOT, oh… I mean when you interact with the iPhone 7 battery explosion issue. I was trying to figure out why both of these companies always try to copy each other. Suddenly, one thing stroke my mind that recently, according to a source, Samsung has settled up a panel of engineers to copy the Apple-things pixel by pixel. Interestingly, Apple may have shown some type of sympathy to Samsung by exploding the battery of iPhone 7 to let them know that time may get change!

According to GSMArena, iPhone 7 caught fire while it was sitting in car’s back seat. The seat got seriously damaged and was half burnt.

Apple iPhone 7 gets exploded













The interesting and the threatening issue of iPhone 7 battery explosion is on its own. You can see the above image in which the box itself is seriously damaged which means that iPhone 7 battery gets explode on its own and that’s not just a bad news, it’s the WORST news of all time. The case with the exploion of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 wasn’t the same. The Samsung took the lead here because the issues came while charging the battery.

The packaging of the iPhone 7 clearly shows that the phone’s battery caught fire within the box during the shipment. The front screen was completely popped out and back cover was completely discolored which means that the battery doesn’t just catch up fire but it LITERALLY blows up.


Apple iPhone 7 gets exploded










A Simple Advice From My End:

The engineers of both the companies are still searching the root cause of this issue but we have found it finally. It’s SIMPLE! Just don’t EVER use “7” in the name of your product, this digit acts like a CURSE!


Wait for the Next :)

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