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Hair Loss Treatment For Men And Treatment With Picture

Hair Loss Treatment For Men And Treatment With Picture

Hair loss treatment for men is the biggest problem men are facing today. The world is getting new and new things, no day passes without the invention of some innovating invention. Technology has crossed the limits, Artas Robots are also one of the greatest inventions of this era and it has changed the lives of the people who are victims of pattern hair loss. In this disease, the victims’ hair fall starts or sometimes they may get bald.

What is Pattern Hair Loss Treatment For Men?

Obviously, it is common sense that, male pattern hair loss is for males and another one i.e. female pattern hair loss represent the females.

Artas Robot And Its Functionality In Hair Transplant

What is the connection between Artas Robots and hair transplant?

You might be wondering about the connection of these robots and their function in hair loss treatment for men, right? Lol, these robots are specially manufactured for the purpose of the hair transplant. Actually, these robots were manufactured by the American brand named, Restoration robotics. This mind blowing device (robot) was launched in 2011 after the approval of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Artas Robot And Its Functionality In Hair Transplant

These robots were represented at an annual meeting of the ISHRS in 2008 but were finally launched in 2011. As I mentioned earlier. ARTAS robotic system gained fame very less interval of time and it was proved in 2013 when it attracted the world and received the Gold Edison.

Efficiency in hair transplantation

ARTAS robots take almost 5-7 hours to complete the hair transplant and in America it could cost almost $5000-$15000 on average. It may seem to be expensive but it solves the problems of the bald people and saves them from getting insulted in the public. This robot has revolutionized the world and is emerging in many other countries too which means this thing is going to rock the world.

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