Benefits Of Coffee and Good Health Reasons Based on Science

Benefits Of Coffee and Good Health Reasons Based on Science

Benefits Of Coffee- The Love Of The Night Workers

benefits of coffee
benefits of coffee

Benefits of coffee are limitless but still let’s try to count some of them. I am sure everyone would agree that coffee is the only love of the people who work in night shifts, or especially for the programmers and gamers. Researchers have proved that coffee is the best anti-sleeping agent. Many people in this world rely only upon and only on coffee. In fact, I should say in countries like America people have coffee running in their veins instead of the blood.

Discovery of coffee

The coffee plant was first discovered in the 11th century in Ethiopia and it got popular all around the world because of its medicinal effects. I don’t want to waste your time on reading about an appearance of coffee plants so let’s head toward the constituents and then finally toward the benefits of coffee.

Constituents Of Coffee

It is important to mention here that coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world. In European countries, coffee is considered as the main component of the life. Coffee is little acidic in nature and there are many constituents present in coffee seeds but most stable of them is known as caffeine.  Caffeine is also known as the most dominating and major part of the coffee.

About Caffeine

chemical formula of caffeine
chemical formula of caffeine

Before discussing the benefits of coffee I think is important to talk about the Caffeine. Caffeine is also present in tea plants but in a very small amount on the other hand in coffee plants caffeine is considered as the major component. Caffeine plays an important role in stimulating the body and helps the consumer to live a fit life.

Benefits of the coffee

benefits of coffee
benefits of coffee
  • The most popular benefit of the coffee is its stimulating power, as I mentioned in very early lines that coffee is actually the love the people who work in the night shifts.
  • Coffee contains such outstanding components which when consumed, send the message to the brain to work longer and more efficiently.
  • Coffee intake increases the heartbeat rate and respiratory rate as well.
  • Coffee helps in relieving the stress and headache.
  • It also helps in releasing the tiredness of the body.
  • It can make its consumer more efficient worker.
  • 90% of the America consumes coffee in the morning because it stimulates the body functions.

Science has proved coffee to be health beneficial but it does not mean that we should consume heavy doses of the coffee on the daily basis just to avoid sleep. Many disadvantages also come along with the benefits of coffee. More than enough intake of coffee on the regular basis can cause restlessness for the body which then may lead to the several diseases.

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