Best Gaming Mouse 2017 - Reviews and a Guide For Professional Gamers

Best Gaming Mouse 2017 – Reviews and a Guide For Professional Gamers

Dreaming about a best gaming mouse 2017 is normal if you are a blind lover of games like me. The mouse is the tool that helps you beat the crap out of your opponent teams. Nice Grip, movement and buttons are the small factors that make a mouse superior over others.  But to be very honest your best gaming mouse 2017 will not win you the games unless you have some skills.

Before start reviewing the gaming mice, I guess it is very important to mention that why do you use a gaming mouse when you can use a normal mouse too?

Gaming mice have more settings if compared with the normal ones. You can click fasters in less time or in other words, it is easily navigatable and has better DPI if compared with the regular mice.

Best Gaming Mouse 2017 – A Guide for you

1- Steel Series Rival 700

best gaming mouse 2017

If you are a real gamer then from above image you can see that how satisfying this mouse is. It has simple button navigation, a good grip and the most satisfying is its wait, it is one of the lightest gaming mice. Let’s talk about its features in bullet points:

  • You can adjust the DPI up to 16,000.
  • Optical Sensor.
  • You can even buy current sensor with a new one after buying.
  • Works best for the right-handers and sadly lefties will not be comfortable while using it.
  • I have put this mouse at the top of the “best gaming mouse 2017” because of its UI design. Unlike other mice, this mouse is very easy and simple to understand because it does not have too many confusing buttons.

To be very honest, I love design of this mouse because being a gamer I know a mouse is your best companion that helps you cover the stupid moves of your noob teammates 😉

2 – Asus ROG Spatha

best gaming mouse 2017


This mouse looks like a gaming beast. It is little heavier because of too many features in it and personally, I don’t like this mouse because of its comparatively complex navigation. So, without wasting time on my personal opinions let’s discuss the features of this mouse in the bullet points:

  • You can set its buttons as per your own requirements, in short, you can always change the functions of the buttons.
  • This mouse is a chargeable device which means that you can even use this mouse without the wire or you can also use the wire, it all depends on how and when you are comfortable.
  • It has a total sum of 12 buttons.
  • RGB lights.
  • Best suited for the gamers.

So, this mouse lies at the number two spot of the best gaming mouse 2017.

Razer Ouroboros

best gaming mouse 2017

Linear, easy to use and perfect navigation, what else do you need? This mouse is one of the biggest competitors of the Asus mouse that we have discussed above. Unlike the first mouse, you can choose mouse ambidextrously, so no matter if you are a righty or a lefty you are gonna enjoy it.

  • Linear.
  • You can use with or without the wire.
  • You can use it Ambidextrously.
  • 11 buttons that could be set as per your requirements.
  • Two sensors.
  • Long Battery timing.
  • Easily fits into the gamer’s palm.

You were reading about the best gaming mouse 2017.

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