How to clean a laptop | Keyboard Screen And Laptop Fan? Physically Clean Screen, case and keyboard of Laptop

How to clean a laptop | Keyboard Screen And Laptop Fan? Physically Clean Screen, case and keyboard of Laptop

How to clean a laptop?    Many laptop users don’t care about the cleaning of their laptops. If ten out of hundred users care about its cleaning, they use a simple wet and dry cloth to clean their laptop LCD or keyboard. They think this is enough to clean laptops. No this is not enough and I have mentioned important brief instructions to clean a laptop properly from in your home. Here are some important parts of your laptop that need to be cleaned:

Main Parts of A Laptop That should be physically Cleaned:

  1. The first main part is LCD.
  2. The second part is a keyboard.
  3. The third is USB ports, most of the peoples ignore these ports.
  4. The fourth part is its synaptic touchpad.
  5. If you can afford to open your laptop then you can also clean its cooling system as fan and heatsink.

But don’t use a simple wet cloth to clean your laptop, you need to buy some products for cleaning your laptop. The products which may require for your laptop cleaning are:

Things That You Will Need Before Cleaning Your Laptop:


  • The first thing you need is isopropyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol could available at any drugstore or supermarket. This alcohol is safe to use on electronics because it evaporates quickly. Never use ammonia tap water and window cleaner this is not safe for electronics.
  • Second product you need is distilled or purified water or bottled water, avoid tap water because it will leave permanent minerals spots on your laptop.
  • The third one you need is can of compressed air. It is available at different stores.
  • The last item you need to buy is a lint-free cloth which is used in the cleaning of eyeglasses and made with 100% cotton. Remember that don’t use a paper towel, facial tissues or scratchy or abrasive cloth.

Precautions That You Should Take Before Cleaning Laptop Keyboard, Screen of Fan


Now you are prepared to clean your laptop. Use this procedure to clean your laptop in a better way.

Step1: first of all, make sure your laptop is turned off and unplugged.

Step 2: now prepare a 1:1 solution of water and isopropyl alcohol.

Step3: now dampen the cloth in the solution, now it should be slightly moistened. Don’t use any kind of spray directly towards your laptop first apply it on cloth and then use a cloth to apply this spray on your laptop.

Order of cleaning the laptop parts:

  • At the first number, clean your laptop’s case with a cloth which is dipped in cleaning solution, keep the motion of your hand top to bottom or left to right.
  • At the number two clean your laptop’s keyboard and synaptic touchpad. For cleaning it use compressed air a spray to remove dirt and dust in buttons. Now use the wipe cloth to clean your keyboard buttons and synaptic touchpad.
  • Use air compressed can clean your USB ports, fan and heatsink.

This is the process to clean your laptop, before turning on your laptop, first of all, make sure your laptop is totally turned off.

Some advantages of cleaning your laptop:

  • Cleaning your LCD gives you a better
  • Cleaning your keyboard gives you a shiny and brand new look of your laptop’s keyboard and synaptic touchpad.
  • Cleaning your laptop’s cooling system will resolve your heat problem and the freezing problem of your laptop.

Clean your laptop at least in three months to keep your laptop maintained and working. Cleaning a laptop can be a headache if you are not doing it the right way. Use my above guide to get rid of extra mess and get bright and shining laptop in 10 minutes.




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