How To Clean Toilet With Coke in 4 Steps- Weird Cleaning use and its effects on Toilet

Clean Toilet With Coke in 4 Steps- Weird Cleaning pictures and its effects on Toilet

Clean Toilet with Coke

You wanna learn how to clean toilet with Coke. As everyone knows about Coca Cola how big brand it is and how amazing its tastes. It is a shocking but true thing about the use of the Coca-Cola that it could also be used for cleaning purpose. Yeah, you read it right. The ingredients which are used to make a pure coke make it so acidic in nature which gives it the ability of cleaning toilets. So, let’s talk how you can clean toilet with coke.


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Method of cleaning toilet with coke

 Clean Toilet With Coke


  1. We need a Coca Cola bottle but not in very large quantity, just only 1 or 2 cups or a regular sized bottle of coke. Because of the presence of the acids like in coke as like carbonic & phosphoric acid in coke they make a perfect combination of cleansing agent and that is the reason why Coca Cola is used for cleaning a toilet.
  2. Now pour Coca Cola on the sides of the bowl and it should completely rinse into the stains for the best possible results. If stains present in the toilet seems to be hard then you can try different acids along with the coke to get the best results.
  3. Now main work will apply in this part. After you have spread the coke all on the sides of the toilet now you will need to wait for a while (maybe few hours). If you want to get your toilet extra cleaned then leaving your toilet for the whole night would be the best option ever and this is how you proceed to clean toilet with coke.
  4. After the coke has sat down in the bowl taking stains with it, now you can wipe the toilet with the brush or can just spread some water over it to see the results.

So, now you know how to clean toilet with coke, wasn’t that simple and cheap?

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