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The Defenders Season 1 Finale Review And Story Rap up

Augh! A wonderful fiction based story of Netflix based Defender’s season 1 comes to an end but it was never a comfortable and smooth end. A lot of things happened in the finale. Let’s have a quick recap of the story.

Quick Recap

The story of Defenders 1 revolves around an organization called “Hand” who has been trying to take down New York and then there are 3 protagonists with extraordinary powers. Defenders are all about good vs bad guys and in the end good wins as always.

Main Protagonists And There Super Powers

Defenders season 1 Finale

  • Finn Jones played Character of Danny Rand (Iron Fist)
  • Charlie Cox played Matt Murdock (daredevil’s character)
  • Mike Colter played Luke Cage (A man with steel body and bulletproof)
  • Krysten Ritter Played the role of the Jessica Jones (a private investigator)
  • Elodie Yung played a negative role as Elektra Natchios
  • Jessica Henwick played the role of Coleen Wing
  • Scott Gleen appeared as Stick.
  • Sigourney Weaver played the role of Alexandra
  • And finally, Rosario Dawson was the Clair Temple

What Happened in Defenders’ Finale?

As I have mentioned earlier, a lot happened in this episode. Show starts where it was left off in the previous episode where all protagonists where debating if they should bomb the building to get rid of the criminal organization Hand forever but Coleen fails to convince Luke (who want to get back iron fist but he is not sure if they should plant the C4 bombs in the building).

Finally, after a lot of debate and harsh talk Clair (Luke’s girlfriend) convinces Luke to go for it and as expected Luke agrees on the condition of not killing innocents.

And this is where the real show starts. Coleen and Clair takes charge of finding building basement so that they can plan bomb and rest of the team chooses to find way down to the tunnels and in the meanwhile Clair and Coleen successfully find the basement of the building following the already killed architect’s map and while planting bomb Coleen’s ex-boyfriend shows up and swords come out of the scabbards and it lasts for few minutes until sheriff (Luke’s friend) enter the building and ends up losing her arm by Coleen’s ex-boyfriend and in reaction to this Coleen chops off head of his ex-boyfriend.

Matt uses his superpower and tells everyone that there is a door behind the wall and asks Luke if he can break the wall and so he does. They see an elevator leading down to the deep mines Elektra’s labour are gathering the old fossils. As soon as they reach near the basement, daredevil senses presence of many armed men and so they decide to play a trick and hiding in the sides of the elevator and so Jessica shows up all alone to the criminals and in no time both Luke and Daredevil attack from both sides and the war begins. The fight lasts for 10 – 15 minutes and results in the death of 3 fingers of the hand and then comes the painful moment when only a few moments are left in the expulsion and daredevil request all of this companions to leave him with Elektra behind.

Both of them fight for few seconds and then kiss rememorizing their past but it was too late and building collapse killing of them.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

I think this is where the show has been ended with closing notes but surprisingly, writers of the Defenders still took almost 10 minutes to conclude the story. Next few moments of the show are really boring and are not worth watching except the last scene where lawyer tells Luke and her girlfriend that they are free to go where ever they want to because the Midland police have decided about not charging them under their criminal law.

Don’t you think that Daredevil should not have been killed and they should have brought Elektra back to the normal life?



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