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Evolution Of Computing

Evolution Of Computing – The Love Of Tech

Evolution of computing is one of the key achievement in the history of mankind. Have you ever imagined your life without computers? If not, then try imagining it now. Shocked? Now, say thank you to Charles Babbage for his concept of the analytical engine which afterwards evolved as a computer.

Evolution Of Computing – The Love Of Tech
A rough image showing technical parts of analytical engine

What Is Analytical Engine?

The main concept behind computing devices was an analytical engine. It was invented by Sir Charles Babbage (an English scientist) in 1833 and he worked on this project until he died in 1871. That was first ever digital machine or we can also call it as a “computer”. It was not an ordinary machine, it had following features:

  • It was programmable
  • It was operated in mechanical ways (I will explain it later)
  • Could carry out the calculations
  • Even they could take decisions on the basis of their previous calculations
  • Most importantly, they had little memory and processor
  • They had the ability to take inputs and giving out the outputs
  • It was specialized for trigonometric and polynomial calculations

The First Ever Computer Was A Mechanical Machine

Wait, what? Mechanical computers? Yes! Those mechanical computers were actually the first step in the modern evolution of computing. That analytical computer/engine contained big buttons, like those of piano, and that digital machine wasn’t able to be operated by a single man, after all, it was a mechanical engine. That computer did not contain keyboards or mouse, everything was done manually and mechanically. Its processor worked by rotating a handle, it was just like grinding wheat in the old wheat grinder.

Who Programmed The First Ever Computer?

Evolution Of Computing – The Love Of Tech

As I mentioned earlier, just after the evolution of computing the first ever computer was a programmable machine, but the question arises, who programmed it? She was the companion of Babbage, named Ada, Countess of Lovelace.  She wrote the first ever program for analytical engine. So, we can say that it was not the only year of the evolution of computing but was also the year of the evolution of programming.

Problems That Babbage Faced

The main problem that the evolution of computing faced was a deficiency of funds. The government stopped funding Babbage on his project because of some understanding issues. Additionally, Babbage also had some issues with his co-workers, that’s why Babbage and Ada worked all alone on this mega project.

Once they thought about taking part in horse gambling and spending the earned money on their project, but alas! They even lost their each single penny they had.

Author Has Something To Say

This article was only a brief explanation of the evolution of computing that is why I did not touch the technical parts of analytical engine/computer but I am sure, I will discuss about main technical parts of that computer but it is important to mention here that all components of analytical engine are now also components of modern computers.

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