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Facts About Red Candle and Mermaid (2015) & Edoanime1803

Red candle and mermaid (2015) A Legend From Old Japan

Red candle and mermaid (2015)

In Japan, there are many folk tales and stories that are related to the candles. Red candle and mermaid (2015) & Edoanime1803 are one of those Red candle and mermaid (2015) written by Mimei Ogawa.

It’s a story of Red candle and mermaid (2015) it tells us about the greedy nature of humans. Once upon a time, a beautiful mermaid lived off the seaboards of Japan. All over the mermaid’s life, she had been said how different humans were from mermaids. Mainly, that the humans were at all times sincere and affectionate. When the mermaid gave birth, she desired the most for her daughter and left the newborn at a shrine on land. Red candle and mermaid (2015) is the start the story of the suffering of a mermaid.
An ageing couple went to the similar shrine that morning and found the mermaid babe. They never had children of their individual, so they well-thought-out the child a sanctification from the God and raised up her as their own. The parent’s kept a candle shop in the near village. There the mermaid raised up into a beautiful young lady.

Red candle and mermaid (2015

The mermaid assisted her family’s business, by painting beautiful pictures on the candles. It was held that anyone who believed one of this candle and start burning it at the near shrine, would have good wealth navigating. People rapidly bought up the mermaid’s candles. Soon world spread faraway and extensive about these favourable candles, and the village the mermaid lived in flourishing.

Red candle and mermaid (2015)


A businessman overheard these stories and the mermaid that supposedly made them. He desired to make a sideshow off of the mermaid. The businessman searches the family that acquired in the mermaid and presented to buy her from them. The parents fought at first. But the businessman was wily and repeated them that mermaids are well-thought-out bad luck. The couple knew this delusion, and have been so blinded by money, settled to sell their daughter.

The mermaid was fairly family, and so she continued to paint candles until her leaving- though her eyes were so full with tears, the mermaid could no longer paint full pictures and so in its place painted them dense red. With everything confirmed; the businessman seized the mermaid with him, and they left by in a large sailing getup.
That night, the couple heard a loud knock on the door. At about midnight some knocked at the door women knock the door. She told them she required to buy some candles. When they let the woman in the shop, she instantly took up the red candles. She bought them and leave without an extra word.

Red candle and mermaid (2015)

Later that night, a dreadful storm picked up. The sea grows into so lumpy that any ship out at sea dropped with no found stayers. This involved the ship the mermaid had been on.
The next day, the remains of a red candle were exposed at the shrine. Every so frequently a new red candle would yield its place, and ruin would reappearance with it. No one wanted candles now, and the candle shop was enforced to close. No one knew who set aside lighting the red candles. Impotent to stop it, soon the entire village chop into devastation.

Edoanime1803: Anime from 200 Years Ago

Red candle and mermaid (2015)

People love Japan for its hospitality and I love it for their animation creativity. Japanese have been advancing in the field of animation form years and they have left me in a shock with their creative ideas. There are many wonderful creative ways to animate ideas into pictures or videos but one of the oldest animation technique is known as Utsushi-e that was started about 200 years ago, isn’t it amazing and surprising? At least for me.

Red candle and mermaid (2015)


The enchantment behind “utsushi-e” is as basic as a flick of the wrist. A type of activity initially showing up more than 200 years back in Edo (Tokyo), it’s little more than a progression of glass slides set before a rough flame projector. By and by a show is out and out stunning.
utsushi-e is more like a magic show than an animation and was first introduced in Holland.

Subsequently, Utsushi-e began. Bright figures painted on glass slides would significantly proceed onward the screen, as a conventional artist/story-teller (as in Kabuki or Bunraku) recounted stories of affection and loathe, or disaster of honourable samurai, with the supporting artist. Screens were made of thin, solid and half straightforward Japanese paper which was perfect for raise projection. The gathering of people couldn’t see the trap as if there should arise an occurrence of Phantasmagoria in the West.

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