Fastest Internet In The World- List of Top 3 Fastest Internet In The World

Fastest Internet In The World- List of Top 3 Fastest Internet In The World

Hi there, today I will be telling you about the Fastest Internet in the world. The Internet is such an addiction which couldn’t be touched or felt but it is an addiction. If you want to know about this then simply turn off your home’s Internet Router, sit back and see what happens? I am sure all of your home members will come to see the Internet Router and may some of ’em scream at you because of your such a stupid act, well let’s come to the point i.e. The internet is an addiction. So, the Question is, where is the fastest internet in the world?  Well, there are several places in the world having the fastest internet? Let’s talk about the best 3 of ’em!

Fastest Internet In The World And List

#1: Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is the capital of South Korea and it is well-known for its fastest internet in the world. South Korea is the technologically most advanced country so it’s no wonder why South Korea is having the fastest internet in the world. Seoul has a download speed of around 1.5 Gbps and upload speed of 1.5 Gbps. For this fastest internet, the internet service providers charge around $30 monthly. According to the survey, 85% population of the South Korea use the internet.

#2: Tokyo, Japan

Number 2 is Tokyo, the capital of Japan has the second fastest internet and also high tourist’s attraction rate. If Seoul is number 1 then how Tokyo could be behind in the list of the fastest internet in the world? In Tokyo, the highest speed of Internet is 1 Gbps and upload speed is over 1 Gbps. The famous internet service provider is KDDI. The monthly cost of fastest internet in Tokyo is $35. Which is costly as compare to fastest internet cost in Seoul, South Korea.

#3: Hong Kong, China

The Hong Kong, the richest and well-known City in the world. Well, Hong Kong has the third fastest Internet in the entire world. The best Internet service provider in Hong Kong is “Hong Kong Broadband Network”. The fastest internet speed in the Hong Kong was recorded over 60 Mbps. Hong Kong is considered the expensive city that’s why the monthly cost of Internet in Hong Kong is $50. I think it is quite expensive.

So, do you agree with my rankings of fastest internet in the world? If not then why not?

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