Foods Without Sugar- 5 Tips to Help You Cut Back on Sugar- No sugar and diet

Foods Without Sugar- 5 Tips to Help You Cut Back on Sugar- No sugar and diet

Let’s talk about the foods without sugar. Sugar is bad for you, it’s that simple. We’re not talking about natural sugars that can be found in fruit and plants, but that refined white stuff that gets mixed into pretty much any product you can find in a supermarket. Consuming too much sugar every day doesn’t just lead to weight problems, though that’s the problem we always talk about because it’s most visible.

Foods without sugar can help you a lot in maintaining your health. Having a diet that is high in sugar sets you up for a number of health risks from liver damage and poor effects on your insulin levels to high blood pressure and various heart diseases. Not only that, but sugar just makes us feel bad in our own skin after the initial rush has gone and it leaves us sluggish and unhappy and no one needs that in their life. So, to make everything better, here are 5 tips to help you cut back on sugar.

1.     Get It Out of Your House

The very first thing you need to do when you’re purging yourself from sugar is to get the temptation out of your immediate surroundings. Take a close look at what you have in your pantry, fridge and just laying around the house. Anything and everything that could be the potential suspect you should get rid of and this isn’t as easy as it seems, because countless products have hidden sugars among their ingredients, so you’ll have to pay extra attention. Speaking of reading the labels…

2.     Labels Speak the Truth

If you want to come closer to getting the sugar out of your life, you better be ready to dedicate some attention to reading labels. This might mean more time spent at the supermarket, but you need to know what you’re ingesting. You will be unpleasantly surprised at how many products contain lots of sugar when they shouldn’t be having any. In reading the labels religiously, you will be able to easily spot what is good for you and what not so much, not to mention that you’ll become more aware of other ingredients in food that have damaging properties. This will be a bit more work, but when you decide to eat healthily, then you decide to value your well-being above everything else, and comparing to that, reading labels is a piece of non-sugar cake.

Foods without Sugar

No doubt, sugar adds some extra taste into your food but never forget that foods without sugar add extra care to your health 🙂

3.     Find Replacements

Stevia is our go-to sweetener to recommend, simply because it’s completely natural and it can help you with your sweet tooth cravings since it’s incredibly sweet. Other options to go for are honey and agave, but you should be careful with those, as they can be very much tempered with, so you end up consuming just as many empty calories as you would when eating regular sugar. If you’re going to use honey, then always go for its raw version and be careful about where you’re buying it. Stevia still might be the best way to go, or if you can handle it, stop eating sweet altogether, except for fruit, which is an excellent source of natural sugars as well.

4.     Find Healthier Recipes

Always look for the foods without sugar. Everything is better and certainly healthier when you make it from scratch, especially because you know exactly what you put into it. We all have one or several treats that we really love and find it hard to give them up, but they contain lots of sugar. The best solution here is to seek out healthier recipes for your favourite sweets and then give them a go. The internet is vast and loaded with healthy recipes, all you have to do is find them and you can freely enjoy your favourite treats without any guilt involved.

5.     Indulge Yourself Occasionally

Going cold turkey isn’t made for everyone, especially when it comes to sugar that is addictive and almost impossible to avoid. Quitting sugar will not be easy, but it will definitely be worth it and if you’re not sure you can do it at once, have to cheat day. Set a day in a week when you’re allowed to eat something sweet and don’t feel bad about it. In time you will notice that consuming sugar after you’ve steered clear of it for a week doesn’t feel as satisfying and that’s because your body isn’t addicted to it anymore. You will feel progress physically and mentally and then it’s a short way to leaving sugar behind you for good. – Theresa Brawner


 Theresa Brawner is a 28-year-old fitness instructor from Boston, MA, who writes articles for a health website. She also helps the new mums getting into shape again.



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