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Harmful, Negative And Other Side Effects of Masturbation In Men

There are many side effects of masturbation but still this bad habit is growing among the teenagers all across the world. usually, teenage boys are found to be involved in such unethical activities and they get nothing but the comfort of few seconds only.

Side Effects of Masturbation

following are the main side effects of masturbation in men:-

    1. Lack of Confidence

side effects of masturbation

Late marriages often motivate the teenagers to masturbate and there are many side effects of masturbation and lack of confidences is also one of them. Masturbators are mostly found to be less confident and that is the reason why they get rejected in job interviews.

       2.  Short Term Memory

side effects of masturbation

Having short memory can also be one of the side effects of masturbation in teenage boys which lead them to fail in exams or they fail to score the high %age of marks in the school/college standards.

        3. Hair Fall

side effects of masturbation

I have seen many teenage boys complaining about their regular hair fall but they even cannot imagine that the hair fall is also a side effect of masturbation. Masturbation weakens the hair roots and in the result, the hair starts falling on the daily basis and if you are masturbating more than enough then there is a chance of getting bald in upcoming years because while masturbation along with the sperms the calcium and potassium from the body is also lost which results in thin and weak hair.


         4. Masturbation results in Depression

side effects of masturbation

Even science accepts the side effects of masturbation. Science says that the sex in daily life helps a man to stay out of depression and tension and considering this fact many teenage boys starts masturbating when they are depressed because of their studies but they forget that the scientific fact is about having sex not having masturbation. I am not saying that masturbation does not help a man in getting out of the depression but it heals only and only for few minutes and afterwards the situation becomes even worse i.e. more depression.

         5. Weak Immune System

side effects of masturbation

Sperms are an essential part of the human body, they help the immune system in fighting diseases but if you have already wasted your most of the sperms while masturbation than how can you expect your immune system to fight against the diseases?

          6. Difficulties in Married Life

side effects of masturbation

As you know, the married life is all about the sex and romance where you get legal, religious and ethical permissions of having sex but don’t you think that having sex in married life can be a nightmare for those who were used to of masturbation in their early life? Isn’t it also one of the side effects of masturbation?

          7.  waste of money ($$)

side effects of masturbationpr

As I mentioned earlier, the masturbators get affected by the disease attacks even more than the normal people so of course they will go to the doctor to buy some medicines and in the result, they will be paying the doctor so simply masturbation also results in indirect loss of the money.

There are many side effects of masturbation, so simply try your best not to masturbate!

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