Heart Healthy Diet And 5 Tips For better heart health

Heart Healthy Diet And 5 Tips For better heart health

No doubt, health is wealth. Thousands of people die every year just because of the heart diseases, I don’t want to go in more depth but let’s talk about the influence of the heart disease within the Canada only. According to a careful estimate 9 out of 10 Canadians have at least one risk factor for heart disease which is also a second leading cause of death. The power of the prevention is in your hands which starts from the heart healthy diet and if you don’t know how to get over this brutal disease than simply follow my steps:-

Healthy Food

Let’s start with the heart healthy diet, Keep the balanced and heart healthy diet that is low in fat, sodium and salt but high in fibre. Try fresh foods to avoid the salt and also avoid the oily and processed foods.

Limit total fat to 30% of total daily calories for the whole day. To maintain your daily intake of fibre you’ll need 21 grams of fibre daily.

Avoid Smoking

Avoid smoking, I repeat avoid smoking. If you smoke then quit it now because it injects some very harmful and brutal killing chemicals which could straightforwardly cause in heart attacks. Smoking is directly related to the heart diseases, it can damage the blood vessels, can decrease the amount of oxygen in the blood and can also boost the blood pressure.

Keep an Active Life Style

For some people, it means going to the gym on regular basis and for other people, it daily doesn’t work. I recommend you to do exercise daily for at least 30 minutes because it elevates the health rate which can help in better regulation of the blood in the body. Regular also helps in getting a good control over the body fats which can help in reducing the risks of heart diseases. Regular exercise helps in keeping the blood pressure in control.

I have seen people confused about their waste, in most of the cases, they don’t know what the best and healthy waist circumference is for them and if you also don’t know this simple thing then the best answer lies below:

The ideal waist circumference for men should be at least 102cm and for women, it shouldn’t be more then 88cm.

Manage Stress in Your Life

Active lifestyle never means that you should adopt the habit of regular exercise only, make sure that you are also reducing the external stress from your life because the external stress can cause internal stress and this type of stress can also cause heart attacks.

Take Proper Sleep

Sleep is hen our body reboots and recover. That’s important for all aspects of our health, not just the heart. “You can’t feel good if you’re not restoring yourself,” Montgomery says. When you’re asleep, your heart rate and blood pressure go down. That gives your heart a much-needed break. Let’s take an example of the computer, what happens if you don’t shut down your computer off for many days? Obviously, your computer may get heated up and eventually it will end up burning out your computer. Same is the case with the human body, if you are not giving the proper rest to your body then how can you expect your body to work properly? Got my point?


The heart is considered as the nucleolus of the human body and in case, if your heart stops working then, of course, the whole body will go down. Heart healthy diet can easily help you in preventing the heart diseases.



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Hailey Huston

It takes hard work and practice, all year long, to keep our heart in the best possible condition and to avoid every manner of cardiovascular disease