What Is UX Design Or User Experience Design and How Much User Experience weighs

What Is UX Design Or User Experience Design and How Much User Experience weighs

People often think what is UX design and you might be one of them, technology has LITERALLY revolutionized the whole world and it is still changing the lifestyle of each and every human. There was a day when we were to travel just to talk to our loved ones BUT just because of technology, we don’t to need to suffer a lot. You can take the example of your laptop! First, it was a single mechanical engine that was operated by the mechanical power but now you can charge your laptop or tablet with the solar chargers as well! The only thing we see is the REVOLUTION in the user experience.

What Is UX?

What is UX design and how it relates the customers? The UX is an abbreviation of the User Experience which is actually someone’s (user’s) entire personal experience that is gained by using a specific device, system, service or product.
How Technology Has Revolutionized The User Experience UX

Moreover, this actually includes the observation and perception of the user regarding the user-friendliness, utility, productivity, efficiency and benefits that can be achieved from that particular product, device, service, or system.

Technology Has Increased UX:

As the passage of time, the technology is picking up the pace. Everything that was considered the best of the best a few years ago, has been forgotten from the minds because we now have advanced, innovative and more user-friendly gadgets to operate which has improved the UX.

How Technology Has Revolutionized The User Experience UXI don’t think if you still need to search that what is UX design? But still I have an amazing example for you i.e. The big example that I want to give is of Televisions. A few years ago, we had TVs which were only good at covering space but now, brand new LEDs are available that occupy only a little space and what that means again? Yeah absolutely, the UX is now much better than the previous UX of those big boxes; I mean, those TVs of the 90s.


The whole idea of this article was to give you an idea of how the technology has revolutionized the user experience. Read how Arats robots help in hair transplant.


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