How To Clean Laptop - Easy ways to clean the screen, keyboard and ports

How To Clean Laptop – Easy Ways To Clean The Screen, Keyboard And Ports

How to clean laptop? But you have no idea how to do so? I guess your laptop is super dusty, the keys are full of sh*tty dust but you have no idea how to get rid of it? Don’t worry, in this article, I will be expalining how to clean laptop using easy and cheap ways at home. You will get to know how can you clean your laptop’s screen, keyboard or the ports.

How To Clean Laptop At Home?

Do you know what is the biggest problem with cleaning your laptop? i.e. deciding about cleaning it, lol. You always think that you want to clean the dusty laptop but you never do this.

So, let’s see what are the things that you are gonna need while cleaning your laptop:

  1. Lukewarm Water
  2. A soft Rubbing cloth
  3. Regular Soap/dish wash soap
  4. Compressed air (optional)
  5. Spraying Shower

Measures before you get started

Read This Part Carefully*

You cannot just pour water or soap on your laptop because it will result in burning out of the laptop. So, you will have to follow some basic codes before you get started:-

  • Make sure that your laptop is properly turned off.
  • No CD/DVD or USB flash drive is plugged into the laptop.
  • The charging wire is removed as well.
  • If you want to clean laptop without the keys then you should probably know that where these keys will go back after the cleansing process is done.

Let’s get started

how to clean laptop

  • So after you have followed all of the above mentioned instructions, now you will need to take a soft but dry cloth and try removing the stuck dust from the key buttons on the keyboard.
  • Gently rub the cloth over the keyword, touch pad, different ports and of course on the webcam.
  • After you have removed the visible dust from the laptop body now it is time to catch the almost invisible dust particles from the laptop. So, soak your cloth into the lukewarm water (and make sure that the dish soap has also been added to it) and then gently rub it all over the laptop again. Remember, do not let the water from the soaked cloth to enter the laptop’s internal body.
  • You should gently rub the wet soaked cloth onto the screen too.
  • Repeat this process until you get your inner satisfaction and at the end of the day, your laptop will start sparkling like a new one.
  • In case, if you want to clean your laptop with keys removed then you would need a can of the compressed air as I have mentioned earlier.
  • Or you can even use the small sized blowers to kick out the sticky dust particles from the keypad.
  • In this article, I am not covering the cleansing process with the keys removed so you can read about it by clicking here.


Never turn on your laptop just after you are done with the cleansing especially when some water drops found their way towards the inner side of the laptop. Because in such case, the water drops can result in burning down of the laptop or any other electric device. 

This is how to clean laptop and I hope you enjoyed the article. If you have some extra special trick to clean the laptop then do share it with our audience.


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