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How to clean makeup brushes? Step By Step Tips

How to clean makeup brushes? Makeup is considered as the basic part of every girl’s life and for this basic thing they love to purchase expensive makeup and of course, makeup brushes and nail polishes. After buying these things, the most important thing is to take care of them. And here we’ll be discussing how to clean makeup brushes because without these brushes you can’t wear makeup and these brushes are so expensive to afford them again and again so it’s better to take care of them properly instead of buying them again and again.

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When we apply makeup with brush, the dirt, germs and oil may get trapped into the brush due to this the clogged pores of brush can get damaged or they can lose their original shape and as you know the brush you’ve bought is really expensive and with this you lose its quality so, it’s better to know the correct way of protecting these brushes from damage.

Hey, don’t worry, I am here to help you understanding how you can clean your brushes and can protect them so they can last long.

Things we need to clean?

How to clean makeup brushes? Let’s get started!

Next question which may arise in your mind is what’re the things we need to clean these brushes So the answer is really simple we need:-


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  • Lukewarm Water
  • Baby Shampoo
  • Towel
  • Sanitizer (optional)

These are things which are easily available in our homes so we can use them. Now we’ll learn how to clean makeup brushes.

Step 1:

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Put brush bristles under lukewarm water so that can help dust, oil and other damaging materials in it coming out easily but be careful while doing this, don’t let the water to reach brush handle because it can loosen the glue inside the handle.

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Take out the baby shampoo and swipe brush in it and then massage brush with the help of your palm tips gently and don’t rub it harshly it can harm brush bristles.

Step 3:


After massaging, when you feel makeup is cleaned now so rinse shampoo with lukewarm water but again be careful that water doesn’t reach the brush’s handle.

how to clean makeup brushes

Step 4:

After rinsing water, the excess of water will be left in it so press on the brush’s bristles with your finger and release the remaining water from the bristles.

Step 5:

how to clean makeup brushes













Now with the towel, you need to dry your brush and leave it on the towel overnight to achieve more dryness, so this is how to clean makeup brushes.

Step 6:

This step is optional, after drying brush you can apply sanitizer on the brush to sanitize it and it also keeps your brush soft and shiny.

So these were the six simple steps and we just hope that this will be helpful and useful for all those who are worried about cleaning of their makeup brush because now you’ve learnt how to clean makeup brushes.

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