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How To Create Blog On Premium Version

There are lots of people who are in search of the answer of the question “how to create blog” – a premium one actually! Well, there are many platforms that allow you to make a blog for free but in that case, you can’t do anything outside the boundaries. In this case, you’re actually limited to only a few functionalities but in the premium version of the blog, you are available with more than enough functionalities.

So, today, I’m gonna talk about some of the most important premium platforms and definitely you will get the answer to your question “how to create blog on premium version”. Being a blogger, I always recommend people to create a blog on premium versions and that is the WordPress.

How To Create Blog On WordPress?

How To Create Blog On Premium Version

Before launching your website/blog, you will have to focus on some elements before to let yourself know how to create blog. These elements include buying of the domain name and hosting. It is recommended that you must buy a domain name and hosting from only the one website. If you buy a domain from and UNFORTUNATELY, buy the hosting from HostGator, then you will have to migrate either hosting on the 1and1 or you will have to shift your domain name on the HostGator. That will charge you some extra bucks so, it is recommended that you buy a domain and hosting from the same platform.

Then comes the real work of WordPress. WordPress allows you to take control over the website with its efficient, user-friendly, and convenient control panel. It allows you to make add customize themes as well as free/premium themes that best suits your website’s functionality.

After having everything done, you can then add posts to your website. If you don’t know how to operate the WordPress, you can hire WordPress expert online too!

I hope you have finally got the answer to your question “how to create blog on premium version”.


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