How To Get Good Grades? Best Tips to get better grades

We are living in an age of education where every student is worried and asking how to get good grades? As a  Lecturer, I would like to suggest some tips which may answer how to get Good Grades in school or college life. So, how to get better grades when you are failing to score A’s? Whether you are a school student or senior, whether, at a college or University, these tips have a magical effect and it will enable you to examine yourself and will motivate you to answer “why am I not getting good grades?”.

“Push Your Self Because No One Else Is Going TO Do It For You”

"how to get good grades"


 Some Tips Helps You “How To Get Good Grades” – My Best Study Skills 


Properly Schedule your time of the study:


"how to get good grades"

You should get started with time management. If you divide your time into all subjects equally then you can easily manage and spare some time for each and every subject. Do not study a single subject for hours because it will create problems for other subjects so make sure that you are giving equal time for all of your subjects. Never put today’s work on tomorrow because it will result in nothing but regret. Proper time management also helps in getting rid of the depression and tension.

 Study for 20-25 Mins: Research tells that if you don’t take a break there will be a diminishing return on study time. Studying for 20-25 minutes and then taking a break for at least 15 minutes is best and ideal.

Remember! Break doesn’t mean that you should just keep lying on the sofa or something like that, in fact, during this break time you should go for a walk because walk boosts up the blood level.

 Sleep Well For Getting  Good Grades:


"how to get good grades"


Get 6-7 hours of sleep after studying so that next day when you will wake up you feel refreshed and it will be easier to memorise more things. After a good sleep, your mind will be prepared for next task with new energy in it. If you don’t get good sleep then your mind will be tired as hell and at the end of the day, it will result in another waste of your precious 24 hours. So, this is how to get better grades.

Organise Things that You Need:


"how to get good grades"

Keeping our things in an organised manner is a good habit because it represents the disciplineKeep your Study place neat and clean because it will help you to concentrate on your studies. Organising your table makes it easier to find any books or Notes. You can even organise your books and notes by date and subject order this can help you find the desired books or notes more efficiently. You might be thinking that what is the relationship of the organised books with the better grades? Actually, discipline motivates brain to work harder and sharper. I hope this will help you answer how to get good grades?

Attend Every Class and Be Attentive while sitting there:


"how to get good grades"

If you want to get better grades then you should not miss any class (not even a single one).time spent in the classroom is directly proportional to the learning. Missing a class means missing a whole new concept and missing a single concept means you are now going to miss many other inter-related concepts too.

Ask Questions

Another important factor that can buy you A’s in your classroom is your communication with your tutor. Never hesitate while asking any question from your tutor because it is better to ask rather than blaming yourself for not asking in the examination hall. Discuss your concepts with your tutor or fellow students because it gives rise to new ideas.

Prepare Your Notes Rather than Copying Others:


” How To Get Good Grades ”

Here is the most important thing that can help you answer how to get good grades in the classroom? write what you have learned from your tutor rather than copying content from others. A student with habits of copying in test or exams can never get good grades because he is totally dependent on others. I am not motivating you to study hard, in fact, I am motivating you to study smarter.

Once you start following the above pieces of advice then I am sure that you will be on the right track towards your success. So, this is how to get good grades in your student life. Your better grades mean your better future and your better future means better future of your country.

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