How To Get Rid of Ants cheaply and naturally, Best Ways And solutions to Kill Ants

How To Get Rid of Ants cheaply and naturally, Best Ways And solutions to Kill Ants

You know ants are coming to ruin your happiness this summer so you decided to search how to get rid of ants? Getting rid of ants isn’t easy at all because ants are tiny clever creatures and will keep coming back until and unless you think of some genuine way of killing them. Let us discuss some pure solid methods of killing ants using natural ways.

How to Get Rid of Ants? Super Natural Ways

So, now I am going to discuss how can you get rid of ants using some natural substances. You can also get rid of ants without killing them but I am sure if I am really interested in discussing that way.

Spray the Lemond Juice and watch the show 😉

how to get rid of ants


You can kill ants using lemon spray. Just mix some pure lemon juice with water but remember one thing, we are not mixing lemon juice and water to increase its quantity so why are we doing this? Simple, to make the juice less dense so that it can reach deeper inside the ant holes.

Take this solution in a hair sprayer (as shown in the above image) and spray it all around the ant holes. The brutal acidic nature of lemon will instantly block the ant’s sensing radars and they will die eventually so, this is how to get rid of ants using lemon spray.

Borax is an Excellent Ant Repellent

how to get rid of ants

Though borax is an anti-ant substance but you know what? Ants get strongly attracted towards borax and get killed on consuming it. You can prepare a borax-sugar solution at home and then place it where you think ants are found abundantly.

How To Prepare Borax-Sugar Solution?

It’s is simple, take enough amount of the borax powder and mix it up with the sugar (try sugar grains). Obviously, you will need water to get a solution state so add water until you get a satisfying borax-sugar solution. Now place this solution (contained in a plate) near ant abundant areas. You will see ants getting attracted towards it and then getting killed. This borax-sugar solution will act as a poison for poor ants. So, you can use this method to answer how to get rid of ants.

Dish Soap And The Boiling Water –  Most Cruel Method

how to get rid of ants

I would rank this method as one of the cruellest methods to kill the ants. You were looking for how to get rid of ants and look what I have come up with. What you will have to just mix some dishwashing soap with the super hot boiling water a then simply pour it into ant hole or on the ants and you know better what will happen then. Man! boiling water can even kill a human then how ants can resist it?

Peppermint Spray on Ant-Terrorism

how to get rid of ants



Peppermint is an essential oil that ants hate strongly or I should call it Donald Trump of the black people.😂  Just add peppermint into the water and spray it on the ant holes or directly on the ants. You will soon see results of this magic.

Well, so these were the methods how to get rid of ants naturally. I hope you loved my methods of killing ants and if you know the answer to the above question then don’t forget to answer it.

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