How to Get Rid Of Insomnia? Natural Ways To Follow When You Can’t Fall Sleep

You cannot sleep at night and that is the reason what motivated you to search for How To Get Rid of Insomnia?Insomnia is a sleeping sickness disease spreading widely in all over the world. Insomnia is a sleep disordered that highly affects most of the people in the world. In sum up, a single person does not fall asleep properly. Insomnia is occurring due to Anxiety, sleeping disorder and loneliness in the teenagers. It was proved that people having insomnia can fall in danger while they are working, for example, they can have sudden shock, unconsciousness and over depression. It can alter whole body functions. Let’s discuss how to get rid of Insomnia.

How to Get Rid of Insomnia? Important Facts

Causes of Insomnia

1-    StressStress is a result of pressure and it may cause insomnia. When we feel stress or pressure it makes the mind tense, nervous, and restless.

2-  Depression: Depression is the most negative feeling of a person that can even lead to the suicide. Depression attacks a person when he feels too lonely and hopeless. Depression is also one of the major causes of sleeping sickness.

3-  Fear:  Fear is an imaginative or unpleasant feeling. Fear is developed in a person when he feels any danger. Fear can also result in Insomnia.

5- Anxiety: Anxiety is also a factor of insomnia. It takes a person in future events and worries. These fears are always present in the mind of a person which sometimes turn into anxiety and this Anxiety is also a cause of insomnia.



how to get rid of insomnia

1- Consume Banana and cumin seeds


To get rid of Insomnia take 1 ripe mash banana and  1/2 tsp roasted cumin seeds. Mix them well together. Consume this before you go to the sleep.sleep. Banana contains Aristophanes which is an amino acid that helps your brain to produce a chemical called serotonin.  Serotonin stables mood anxiety. Banana and cumin seeds are easily available so you can say that this is one of the easiest methods to answer your question i.e. How to get rid of insomnia.

2- Consume Celery Juice With Honey


how to get rid of insomnia


As you know, is a natural medicine. Everyone who has indulged in insomnia wants to know the remedy for insomnia and he/she wants to know that how to get rid of insomnia. Here is another Natural remedy to get comfortable and good sleep after many sleepless nights. Take 2 tsp celery juice and 1 tsp of honey. Mix them well together. Consume this mixture once a day. Celery contains magnesium which works as a super sleeping agent. Magnesium also aids the function of GAP agent.  GAP is a type of neuron transmitter. in short, it gives a signal to the brain to switch off the body functions and turn to a sleep mode.

3- Relaxing Warm Bath


how to get rid of insomnia


We have already discussed many natural ways and have answered many questions like how to get rid of insomnia. Let’s discuss another remedy of insomnia i.e. Bathing is a very good remedy for Insomnia. Take a relaxing bath to give sustain to your mind and body. Such relaxing bath can give a comforting effect to the tired body which finally falls asleep. If you cannot sleep in the nights then make sure that you are taking this warm bath before going to the bed. So Bathing is a Natural way to find and refresh your mind.


 4- Create a Sleepy Environment


how to get rid of insomnia


For those who want to have a sip of a good sleep, they should know how to set up your room for a good sleeping environment. Do not put any devices like an alarm clock and cell phones near you pillow because they can be irritating even if they are not ringing and this interruption can result in sleeplessness. Dim Blue lights are also a source of relaxing of mind.  This environment keeps your brain calm and at the maximum comfort.

5- Drink Warm Milk Mixed With Honey

how to get rid of insomnia

A warm milk with honey is an amazing home remedy for insomnia. Warm milk effects very fastly to cure insomnia. Milk contains amino acid which contains tryptophan, which develops the amount of serotonin that leaves an amazing effect on the mind. It relaxes our mind and motivates the body functions to stop their functions till body takes some rest. Honey is also the best remedy for insomnia. Use of honey gives relief to our mind and body it works like a sleepy tonic.

NOTE: Read if you are having suicidal thoughts because of depression


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