How to Improve Memory? Best Natural Techniques, Tips, Tricks And Ways

How to Improve Memory? Best Natural Techniques, Tips, Tricks And Ways

If you forget many things in everyday routine and want to know how to improve memory then you are at right place.  A question arises here i.e. How to improve memory using natural and easy ways? If you feel that you need any good supplement for Brain work Enhancement then you must know about such things which help in brain boosting activities.

How to Improve Memory? Some Reasons for Memory Loss

Here are some Facts why we lose our memory:

Many people indulge in forgetfulness in childhood, others in young and old age. By the scientific research, it has been proved that such condition is called  Alzheimer disease. It is a medical condition which causes memory Loss and forgetfulness. This problem arises because of the blood stroke to the brain.

Stress: –  Stress and depression are also caused by memory loss and forgetfulness. Stress is the worst enemy of your memory. During the period of stress, the body reacts by secreting stress hormone into the blood flow. Much stress and unhappiness can also interfere with your memory.

Late Night Meal: – Late night eating can also disturb the memory power. scheduled sleeping and eating times can help you get rid of stress and depression.


Alcohol Consumption: – Excessive use of Alcohol and Drugs also the cause memory loss. It damages our body system and many effects in our brain. Alcohol damage and slow down the nervous system. Alcohol and drugs can block storage of new memory cells which results in short memory loss.

Lack of Vitamin B: – Poor health and lack of vitamin B can also cause of forgetfulness. 



How to improve memory

Now Let’s discuss some other ways regarding How to improve memory by Natural and Effective ways…

 How to Improve Memory By Consume Almond Milk

How to improve memory

Almond are the great natural remedy for weak memory and brain. Almond milk improves the learning capacity and sharpens up the mind. Take some almond and soak it in water overnight. After you wake up in the morning, make a past of the wet almonds. Then take a 1 glass of milk and put it into a pan. Mix the paste of Almonds into warm water and add some sugar to it. Consume Almond Milk at least one time in the morning. Almond Milk is very beneficial and effective cure for memory weakness. Besides Almond, Walnuts are also beneficial in helping with memory loss. You can consume walnut milk on the daily basis (prepare this walnut milk following the same above method and replace walnuts with almonds). This was an easy answer to your asked question, how to improve memory?

Drink Plenty Of Water

How to improve memory

Drinking Freshwater is a source of maintaining our body system and keeps our body fluids at an equilibrium state. Water boosts our metabolism and makes us healthy and refreshed. Water Gives us energy and reduces stress level very effectively. Drink Plenty of water if you really want to have a focused brain because if you have a focused brain then you will be able to remember things for long periods of time. The human brain consists 75% water so you can imagine that water acts as a fuel for the brain and hence brain cannot work properly if you are not intaking at least 2 litres of water. So water is a rich natural resource of brain boosting. I hope intake of water can resolve your issue i.e. how to improve memory?

Vitamin B Good Supplement For Enhanced Memory


How to improve memory


Vitamin ‘B’ was known as cobalamin which is an important factor for metabolism. Vitamin ‘B’ is helpful for the formation of red blood cells and maintains the central nervous system, which includes the brain and spinal cord. It Protects against stress and keeps your mind at an optimal level. Dairy Products or egg contains vitamin B which means that intake of these products can also help you improve your memory. Now let’s explore some more ways to answer How to improve memory by Natural Supplements.

Caffeine & Chocolate Can Help in Improving Memory


How to improve memory

Caffeine is a great fluid for improving memory and concentration. Tea, coffee, energy drinks and the best chocolates much quantity of caffeine. Caffeine gives you more energy and boosts up your mind. Coffee is another best remedy for diseases like diabetes and Alzheimer’ s  disease.


Eat More Blueberries – Blueberries Sharpen Up The Mind


how to improve memory


Blueberries are a natural remedy for sharpening our brain. It also helps maintain our skin problems like dryness etc. Blueberries enhance the brain functions and focus it on the one place. It improves memory power so that you can remember things for long times. Blueberries improve the ability to recall things. It reduces inflammation in brain cells. In short, take some Blueberries in your palm because they can best answer how to improve memory? LOL

Honey And Cinnamon Powder

 how to improve memory

Cinnamon develops the memory work in our brain. It works like a brain tonic. Cinnamon boosts the activity of the brain and makes it super Healthy. Make a Mixture of 1 tsp honey and a pinch of cinnamon powder. Mix it well and have it every night. Honey contains Polyphemus which fights oxidation stress and counter memory deficits. So using a mixture of honey and cinnamon you can have a healthy brain and a good memory. 

So, this is how to improve memory.

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