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How To Make Money On Fiverr? Learn How To Create Gig

How to make money on Fiverr? This is what you are looking for? I often see people complaining that they don’t get a job even after completion of the degrees and if you are also one of them then listen carefully. If you are not getting a job then why don’t you try a different platform? Fiverr is the best platform from where you can make considerable money while staying at home but this isn’t that simple, you will be able to earn money if and only if you have got some extraordinary skills.

How To Make Money On Fiverr? Best Guide

Before I start explaining that how to make money on Fiverr? I think it is important to describe the skills that could help you earn some bucks. I have enlisted few skills that can help you earn money on Fiverr, if you have any of the following skills then you are good to go 🙂

  • You can earn money by recording your voice over for different companies (if and only if you have got pure British or American accent).
  • Article writing skills if you have good command over English.
  • Photoshop.
  • Editing.
  • Animation (both 3d and 2d).
  • Web Development.
  • Web Designing.
  • WordPress.
  • Any Programming language e.g. c++, PHP, C# etc.
  • Unity.
  • Android.
  • Hacking.
  • SEO.
  • Online Marketing.

And a lot more, Fiverr is not limited to the above mentioned categories only, in fact, I have even seen people calling themselves as black magicians and the surprising thing is they are earning too. I hope my article will help you find how to make money on Fiverr?

Let us discuss how can you start making money now!


Create Fiverr Profile

Go to the Official website of the Fiverr and click JOIN or Become Seller. It will redirect you towards their sign up page from where you will be able to register yourself on the website.

Remember one thing here, During the creation o of the profile, write as detailed as you can and also hesitate to put some fake degrees or skills. Select as many skills as you can but if and only if you really think that you can complete orders relevant to those skills.

You will also be supposed to fill in about your education career and I recommend you put your qualification as masters even if you are not.

Select an Eye Catching Profile picture.

Create Fiverr GIG

Now you have successfully created your Fiverr profile and now it’s the time to create your Fiverr gig. This is an important part of this article because your order rate directly depends on your created gig. After this section, you will be learning how to make money on Fiverr?

GIG Title


  • First of all, choose a perfect title for your gig. Make keyword research and then decide what should be the title. If you have selected a perfect keyword then your gig is eventually going to get ranked in the Fiverr search engine, which will help you get more orders in future. For this purpose, you can search about the gig that you want to create in the Fiverr search engine e.g. you want to create a gig for article writing services then you can search for “article writers” in the Fiverr search engine and see what titles or keywords other people are using. Observe 3-5 gigs and see what is the keyword that most of the writers have used in their gig title.
  • You can also check what type of keywords do buyers search to find the article writers. The procedure has already been explained in the above video.
  • Choose your skill and language.

Use Five Tags

  • Give at least 5 tags that must be related to your gig. You can also check the tags that other article writers have used in their gigs. For this purpose, go to your target gig > Right Click > Page Source > CTRL+F > Search Tag.
  • In a case of the writing gig, the best tags that I can come up with are as following:
  1. Article Writing
  2. Blog Writing
  3. Article Rewriting
  4. Content Writing
  5. Article Writer

after saving it, you will be taken to the new page where you will have to put the description of your gig.

Write Detailed Description

  • Remember the simple rule, write as long as you can. In this section, you should write at least 1000 words explaining your gig, service type, experience, passion and etc. Also, use your selected keyword at least 4 times in the description and make sure that the keyword is used in the bold font. If you are not sure what am I talking about then simply watch the above video, I have explained it there.

Set A Default Question

  • After you save the description, you will be taken to the new page where you will have to set default question that you would like to ask your buyers if they want to order your gig. For example, if you are an article writer then you can add the following questions:
  1. What should be the keyword?
  2. How long should this article?
  3. Tell me about your audience? etc.

Add Packages

  • Fiverr has only one package by default but you can also unlock the other two package by hitting the “unlock packages” button.
  • Packages are actually, types of services that you cover in your specific gig.
  • For example, in the case of the writing gig the three packages could be as following:
  1. I will write 500 words in $5.
  2. I will write 1000 words in $10.
  3. I will write 2000 words in $18.

Or you can even use packages depending on the nature of your gig.

Add a Gig Photo

  • I have seen many people confused about the gig photo. People often confuse gig photo with the profile picture. Remember, profile picture represent you while on the other hand gig photo will be representing the gig itself.
  • Fiverr does not accept images with poor pixels, so make sure that picture that you are using is big enough.

Now save and publish the gig but wait!

At this stage Fiverr might ask you to verify your phone number, in this case, verify your phone number and get ready to rock the Fiverr. Now you are all set to learn how to make money on Fiverr?

So, now you have successfully created your Fiverr gig and your gig is live but you are not going to earn money just by creating the gig. In fact, real hard time starts now.

Taking your first order could be the worst ever challenge but no worries I will explain how to get first Fiverr order easily in my next article. Stay tuned, tell your friends about this article and help them out creating the best Fiverr gig and tell them how to make money on Fiverr.

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