How To Potty Train A Dog- Easy Potty Train Your Puppy in Few Days Now

How To Potty Train A Dog- Easy Potty Train Your Puppy in Few Days Now

You have got a very cute puppy but he doesn’t have any sense of where to potty so you opened Google and searched for how to potty train a dog? Interesting. Actually, this is not your problem only, in fact, every second owner of the little cute puppy is worried about this dog shit, ouch!!! If you don’t know how to potty train a dog then get ready because you will have to clean your carpets, lawn and even your sofas again and again.

Here are few things that you should remember before you get into this mess and that are listed below:-

  • House training your puppy for potty can take from weeks to the months
  • If your puppy was living in some inappropriate environment before you brought him with you then it can take him up to 1 year to get trained for potty at the right spot and the right time.
  • Don’t get mad at your cutie pie if he pees inside the house, remember when you were born and your mother taught you where to potty? So, no one comes in this world with this knowledge.

How To Potty Train A Dog?

how to potty train a dog

So, how can you potty train your dog? By the way, why am I asking this to you? In fact, I am the one who should answer this question and I will do so, don’t worry 🙂

Before you start his training just keep few things in your mind:-

  1. Don’t yell at him if he potties inside the house
  2. Be frank to him, it’ll boost his confidence
  3. If he potties inside the house, clean the spot with some strong agent and try you best to eliminate the odour because if the odour remains, it’ll surely attract your puppy again to shit on the same spot, oops!
  4. If he does his shit business inside the home then you should have some gentle way to let him know that Nah babe, this isn’t descent at all (I will explain about those ways somewhere below).
  5. Award him with pleasant things if he follows your instruction to potty outside, it will boost the hormones of doing the same thing again to get that reward.

Make a schedule

how to potty train a dog

A schedule is everything, no matter if you are a human or son of a bitch (kidding). Make your puppy a good schedule for his meals. Don’t feed him in wrong times. It will help you estimating that how long your puppy takes to digest the food and will instantly give you an insight of the timings of his potty times. Of course, this isn’t as simple as it seems, it will take you few days to analyse and the decide how much time he takes to complete the cycle.

Puppies Love Exercise

how to potty train a dog

Take your puppy for a regular walk on the daily basis. Especially, when you feel that this is the time when your puppy wants to potty. If he potties outside somewhere then take him to that place on daily basis and after few days he will start recognizing that spot because they are good at smelling their own shit 😉

Never forget to reward your puppy if he starts understanding your instruction on that spots. The reward could be anything that you think your dog might be interested in e.g. take him for an extra walk, extra food (maybe) or anything else.

Use Crate To Make Him Punctual

how to potty train a dog

Using crates can also be a good idea for your puppy. You can use a crate(must be appropriate if compared with the size of the dog). The dog should be able to stand properly in the crate but the crate should not be too small or too large, it can ruin the whole setup.

Once your puppy is feeling his urge to pee or potty he will let you know by his specific sign and then you can take him out so that he can do his private business on his own without irritating you.

Signs That Indicate That Puppy Wants To Go Potty

how to potty train a dog

Puppies are no different as compared to the human babies. If you see any of the following signs in your puppies behaviour then there are 99% chances of him wanting to potty (he may end up doing this at home if you don’t take it seriously). These points will surely help you answer how to potty train a dog.

  1. If he scratches floor again and again
  2. If he sweetly barks again and again
  3. Sniffing
  4. Circling
  5. Whining
  6. Or if he does something unusual or does not look comfortable.

So, I think now you know how to potty train a dog. Now you are all set but patience is the key, I repeat patience is the key. You cannot teach him everything in one week. By the way, you can teach him this thing in one day if your mother guarantees that you learnt all of these things in the same time.


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Thanks, great article.


I have 2 puppies. They know how to go on their pee pads. They go outside then one comes in the house and does his business. Should I not leave food and water down when they go to bed? To help control their not going in the middle of the night? Help
To old for this shit lol.