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How To Reset Android Phone – Factory Reset Your Phone Now!

Well, today my phone got an issue and was showing some unexpected malfunction. I tried to reset it but truly speaking, I didn’t know how to do that. Then I searched “how to reset android phone” on Google and surprisingly found nothing accurate there. So, I went to a shop and learned 2 methods to reset the android phone. So I thought to share this info with you guys too. So, let’s get started with the first one.

Method – 1

how to reset android phone

The first method includes simple android reset technique and that may become answer of your question “how to reset android phone”. Well, go to your smartphone’s setting options and find the factory reset option there. Well, in most of the devices this option will be in the privacy option.
But before clicking on that, remember to backup your data to avoid any data loss. Now, it’s time to click on the factory restore button. Click it and wait until your device gets reboot again. Check if it works and if it doesn’t have any effect on your device, try the next method.

Method – 2

To start this method, power off your device first. Press and hold for a while the recovery button. Now recovery buttons may vary differently in different devices. The following is the possible combination:
1- Home + Volume Up + Power
2- Power + Volume Down
3- Power + Home
4- If all combination doesn’t work, then make a web search regarding your device model to get the info about the recovery button.

how to reset android phone
The menu will be opened and there will be lots of options there. Navigate the options via volume keys. Open recovery menu to get into the factory reset mode. After getting into this, confirm the factory reset by choosing it.
According to WikiHow, the process may take some time so wait until the restore process gets completed. I hope now everything works perfectly.

Now, finally you got the answer of your search “how to reset android phone”

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