I am feeling suicidal but I don’t want to die- Deal with mental suicidal thougts and don’t kill yourself

I am feeling suicidal, should I commit suicide to get rid of all my worries? This the most common question especially I hear from many young people and I don’t know what difficulties have they seen in just a few years of their life. I know life is hard and getting through the hardships of life with smiling face is not everyone’s cup of tea. I am not going to deliver a typical parent or teacher speech for the answer of the “I am feeling suicidal” because I have gone through this era of my life and I know how things hurt us.

What are the main factors behind such question of I am feeling suicidal?

i am feeling suicidal

I have met a lot of people, especially youngsters who keep telling me that they don’t want to live because of their unusual life problem. Most common factors that lead such thought are listed below:

  1. Bad behaviour of parents (especially fathers).
  2. Someone blackmailing them
  3. Bad school grades
  4. Losing someone they love

Trust me, these were the most common factors behind such suicidal thoughts. Let’s talk in detail about all of them.

The answer of I am feeling suicidal lies in yourself you just need to understand it.

1.      Bad Behaviour of Parents (especially fathers)

I don’t know about Europe but in countries like Pakistan, India, Philippines, Bangladesh, Indonesia and some other countries parents do not care about the feeling of their children which leads stress and depression in the soft minds of the children.

Especially, fathers scold their sons and think it will make them a better human but results go totally vice a verse. For example, let’s take an example of my young friend who keeps telling me that he is not happy with his life because of his father’s behaviour and he keeps asking me that do all parents behave like this to their sons? If you are also seeking the answer to this question, then let me tell you. Yes! All parents, all across the world behave same with their children. You just need a heart and a strong mind to dissolve all such things.

How to avoid suicidal thoughts when parents scold you?

i am feeling suicidal

I know you are not interested in knowing about the reasons why parents scold you what you are interested in is the solution and what should you do in such conditions and the answer is pretty simple, “STAY POSTIVE”.

Stop taking this thing in a negative way and just think positive. Just change your angle of vision towards such scolds. Let’s take an example of your young, very young friend who is like a younger brother to you. One day you see him smoking in a street corner, will you be happy seeing him in that condition? Let’s add some extra crunch to this example, suppose you are also a smoker but when you see your very young friend smoking, will you be happy or mad at him? I guess you will become mad at him if you really care for him but wait! What if he starts hating you because you got mad at him while he was smoking? Does this mean that you went all crazy over him because you don’t love him? No! you care for him that’s why you did this to him, similar is the case with your parents but sometimes they criticise you just because you are going off track. So are you still seeking an answer to “I am feeling suicidal”?

2.      What am I supposed to do if my parents scold me without any reason?

i am feeling suicidal

I know many of you guys might want to ask me the above question and I have listed some tricks go avoid trouble below:

  • Try spending more time with your good friends
  • Go to regular exercise because exercise will boost optimism
  • Watch inspirational movies and listen to slow music because it motivates the braid towards the positive thoughts
  • The biggest mistake that youngsters do is they argue with their parents when they scold them but remember this can drive them insane. So, just hear what they say, if were really on mistake then admit it openly but in case, if you were not on mistake then just leave calmly without saying some crazy shit. Take your time to cool down yourself.

I can’t control myself when someone scolds me without reason

i am feeling suicidal

I am feeling suicidal because I can’t control emotions when someone scolds me without any reason, another universal question. In such cases, the best option is to listen calmly to the scolder and leave. Now your heart is beating fast, your head is about to blow and your legs are shivering so do something that can comfort you. In my case, I was used to going outside and run few miles, the aerobic mechanism will rapidly distract your concentration from that scold towards some positive things or you can hit a gym.

How to get rid of suicidal thoughts when someone is blackmailing me?

I am feeling suicidal because someone is blackmailing me is also a major reason that was told by many people to me. In my point of view, getting rid of such things is not as difficult as you think. Now there are various ways and it depends on which one you want to choose.

  • In such case, you will need to take some extraordinary and unusual steps. For example, contact your local police department if you haven’t done anything wrong. But in countries like India or Pakistan people especially girls fear to go to the police stations then they can try any of the below methods to get rid of the blackmailers.
  • Remember, blackmailers use your weakness as their weapon so you need to replace your weakness into your strong weapon. For example, if you stole some money from your father’s pocket and now someone is blackmailing you to steal more money to give him else he will tell it to your father. In this case, the blackmailer is using your fear factor to pressurise you but what if you tell your father all the truth and face the consequences? It will bring some hard time for few days but then what? Everything will be super normal.
  • Trap blackmailer into his own cage. How he blackmails you? Via phone call, text message, email or face to face? You can save some proofs of him while blackmailing him and show it to the local authorities.

So, are you still feeling suicidal?

Bad Grades Always bring bad thoughts

i am feeling suicidal

Now here comes the funniest part of the debate, I am feeling suicidal because I secured bad grades in class. Ah! You should better die because if you can’t handle the pressure of the bad grades then how you will survive the hardships of the life? Life is not the name of the winning, in fact, life is the name of the loosing, loosing, loosing and then winning. You are not getting good grades so you want to commit suicide, lol will committing suicide bring you the good grades?

God has not created you to get the good grades only. Let’s take an example of the Abdul Sattar Edhi who was the dullest student of his class and guess what he did? He received GOD OF HONOUR when he died. You are not getting good grades because you are in the wrong field of study. You need to find “real you” and then study according to your interest, I bet you will secure good grades.

I have also seen some people saying I am feeling suicidal just because they got bad marks and they don’t want to tell this thing to their parents. Really? O come on idiots, do you really think that your father never failed in his career? Life is the name of losing not winning.

Suicidal thoughts because I lost my love

i am feeling suicidal

I am feeling suicidal because I lost my true love, do you also lie in the same category? Do you know what? You should better die because you don’t know how to give a sacrifice. I lost my true love and I did not commit a suicide not because she wasn’t my true love. You need to understand that you cannot everything that you love, you will get what you deserve. People, learn how to move on.

God has created us in a pair, there must be another girl or a boy who really loves you, you just need that eye to see him/her.

I am feeling suicidal too so does it mean I should commit suicide? Will suicide really help me fighting the dares of life? No man.

I believe that the world is a better place without those who commit suicide. Take my example, during my college I believed that my parents don’t love me, I went to the rooftop to commit suicide but somehow I returned without jumping thinking maybe things will get better. In few months, I moved alone to the other city for the sake of the study. A year later, my whole family including my siblings and my parents were coming to see me but their train got into an accident, a brutal accident which shaken my whole body because my whole family was brutally injured except me. This accident changed my whole life and after this accident, I came to know that how much they love me. My father cried and hugged me when I saw him and was the condition of the all other family members.

In short, any moment of the life can change the whole scenario so stop thinking that “I AM FEELING SUICIDAL”.

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