Latest Space Discoveries By NASA - Strange Recent Space Wonders

Latest Space Discoveries By NASA – Recent Strange Mind Blowing Space Wonders

latest space discoveries

NASA released an image taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter of the earth and our moon with its high-resolution imaging science experiment which gave another hope to some Latest Space Discoveries. Although it makes look pix-elated. It is quite remarkable because it was taken from a distance of roughly 1.4 times the distance between earth and the sun, or 127 Miles. It is a composite of two pictures taken in an effort to Calibrate the instrument. Otherwise, the moon would have been too dark to see in a single exposure. This is a common technique used in Photography, Essentially its an HDR photo Hirise is incredibly powerful especially when it can “Resolve Features as Small as 3.3 Feet” on the Martian surface from its orbit around the plan.

Exotic Binary Star System

latest space discoveries

Exotic Binary Star System is also one of the latest space discoveries that was found by the University of Warwick. They have uncovered an Exotic Binary Star System 380 light years identified is the mystery white swarf pulsar. The first of its kind ever to be discovered in the universe located in the Scorpius constellation the star as SCORPII, AR SCO, is the first white swarf version of a pulsar. The idea of white dwarf pulsar was first given in the 1960s but has Eluded Astronomers for over half a Century to come to some final conclusion. AR SCO, a rapidly spinning burnt-out stellar remnant called a white swarf that emits powerful beams of electrical particles and radiation to its Neighbor.

A Red Dwarf, Its beams emits concentrated radiation in a single direction twice every two minutes. The lighthouse-like beam of radiation and particles produced by AR SCO accelerates electrons in the atmosphere of the Red Dwarf to close the speed of light. The distance between stars is just 1.4 million Kilometers, Three times the distance earth and moon. This is considered as one of the latest space discoveries that has given a rise to many new mysteries.


Latest Space Discoveries is  Trappist-I

latest space discoveries

Seven earth sized planets have been detected orbiting a small nearby star, TRAPPIST-I more than ever detected in any other planetary system. Astronomers first discovered three earth sized planets orbiting the DWARF star in 2015. Then a team led by Michael Gillon at the University of Liege in Belgium detected the 4 additional planets. Five of the planets TRAPPIST B, C, E, F, and G are similar in size if compared to the earth  and Two D and H are intermediate in size between Mars, Earth. The system is flat and compact, and orbit much closer than Mercury orbits the sun. The distance between the orbit of TRAPPISTS-IB and TRAPPIST-IC only 1.6 times the distance between the earth and moon. Making the planets appear large in each other’s skies in some cases much larger than the moon appears from earth.

The planet passes so close to one another that there is major gravity going on, thus their orbital periods are nearly resonant. It is uncertain whether any of the planets house conditions favorable for life. For the expectation of F, where the density value”FAVORS” the presence of a layer of ice AND/OR an extended atmosphere. Exposure to far ultraviolet and extreme ultraviolet radiations may have caused the loss of as much as 15 earth oceans of water, depending on their initial water contents. Nevertheless, they may have kept enough water to remain habitable and the further is predicted to lose much less water.

PAP SMALL MOON Is Latest Space Discoveries

latest space discoveries

NASA’s Cassini space probe reveals new images of PAP a small moon of Saturn is now shown to have BIZARRE flying saucer shape. PAN is a ring shaped and is responsible for keeping 16 September 1991, after the Mythological PAN. CASSINI scientist has described PAN as “WALNUT-SHAPED” in reference to the equatorial ridge it has a trait forum on other Saturn moons caused by ring material that PAN has swept the ENCKE GAP. It has been referred by journalists as a space empanada as well a ravioli.

Space Flight

latest space discoveries

NASA launched a used rocket making it the first time in spaceflight history that the same rocket has been used on two separate missions to orbit it and went 22,00 miles into space before returning to earth and landing on a remotely piloted platform in Atlantic ocean reusing rockets is crucial to make the cost of space travel more affordable. The primary goal was to deliver a communication satellite into orbit intended to provide improved TV, Radio, Telephone and Internet coverage for South America.


latest space discoveries

The first Image of a dark matter “Bridge ”  was captured by a research team at the University of Waterloo using a technique known as weak gravitational lensing. Gravitational lensing causes the images of distant galaxies to wrap slightly. When affected by unseen Mass such as a planet. Or you can call it Black Hole or the dark matter. Thier composite image created from a grouping of lensing images was taken from more than 23,000 galaxy pairs, 4.5 billion light-years away. Dark matter does not shine Absorb or reflect light and can only be detected through gravity and gravitational lensing.

So, these were some of the best latest space discoveries which have had been bothering scientists from years and we can hope that in near future NASA will be able to provide us with more strange but informative space facts.

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