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LG G4 specs and features – Comparison with Samsung S6.

Do you people know who the superman of humans is? Well, we all know him but the superman of smartphones is here; and that is the LG G4. The LG G4 is considered to be the backbone of its company. LG G4 is one of the very popular phones and is the flagship of LG.

Today, we are gonna discuss the specs and features of LG G4 and we will also compare it with the Samsung Galaxy S6. Well, Galaxy S6 is also the flagship phone of Samsung and the comparison of these two beasts is one of the hot issue these days. Both of the devices are the premium devices of their companies and give a nice feel when they are in hands.


LG G4 specs and features – Comparison with Samsung S6

The shape of both the devices are fascinating but with glass on the back and metal in the sides, Galaxy S6 takes the lead here. The shiny glass back literally gives S6 a nice look.

Who’s The Fastest?

LG G4 runs on the Hexa-Core processor while the Samsung Galaxy runs on the Octa-Core processor. So, without wasting time on further discussion, let me say that the winner in the sense of speed is only the Galaxy S6.

Whose Camera Is Better?

LG G4 specs and features – Comparison with Samsung S6

LG G4 and Galaxy S6, both comes with the 16 MP of the camera but the image stabilization is unique in the S6. Talking about the focusing speed, LG G4 takes the lead here because of its Laser-Focusing ability.

Overall, the images taken by the LG G4 were towards the lighter side of the colors whereas the S6 focuses on the warmer dimension of the colors. The winner is S6 again!


There is no card slot in the S6. You can only use the internal storage memory that is given to you by the Samsung (32, 64, 128 GB). The LG G4 allows you to insert memory card of up to 256 GB and that is more than enough actually.

So, that was the short review between the LG G4 and Galaxy S6. I hope that work before you think to buy your new phone.


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