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Most Dangerous Animal In The World – Dangerous Animal for Human

Human is insecure from the progress of the world. Because the world is filling with Most Dangerous Animal in the World which is a danger for human life. In spite of this, every time human feels insecure itself and want to secure himself as possible. So he is struggling to found out about Most Dangerous Animal in The World. And also thinking about how he secures himself from Most Dangerous Animal in the World. So he is wondering in everywhere in the world and surprising to know about such a dangerous animal in the world.

I try my level best to convey information about dangerous animals lived in different parts of have little bit knowledge about that. I will try after reading my article you would be informed about dangerous animals of Earth. Here is a list of top 10 dangerous animals which is designed according to their dangerous attacks not only other animals also humans which caused to losses of many lives.

Most Dangerous Animal In The World – List of top 10 Dangerous Animal in The World

  1.       Deathstalker Scorpion
  2.       Great White Shark
  3.       Asian Cobra
  4.       Mosquito
  5.       Elephant
  6.       Box Jellyfish
  7.      African Lion
  8.      Black Mamba
  9.      Crocodile
  10.      Cape Buffalo

1.Death Stalker Scorpion

Most Dangerous Animal in the World

Weapon: Poison

We are introducing one of the dangerous members of Buthidae family which are scorpions family. Deathstalker Scorpion is an air-breathing arthropod characterized by simple eyes and four pairs of legs also called Palestinian yellow scorpion. But in the English language is called Deathstalker Scorpion.

Colour, size, and Habibitate

After looking deathstalker scorpion someone assumes its colour is black. But it mostly found in middle east and North Africa deserts so that’s why its colour is light brown and amber shade. Some area of scorpion body has a beautiful mixture of grey and yellow colour. Its length is can be between 1.1 to 3.0 inches but mean age is 2.0 inches and its weights can be 2.5 grams.

Feeding and poison

Deathstalker Scorpion source of food is another scorpion, earthworms, insects and all types of arthropods. They approach their food by using sensory hairs which are found around is legs and they attack his victim after feeling the vibration through sensory hairs. Deathstalker scorpion poison is very dangerous because it is the mixture of neurotoxins and a huge amount of cardiotoxins which involves in heart and blood vessloes commonly called cardiovascular and also respiratory infection which can be dangerous for a human body. The affected person can be paralysis or muscle contraction.

2.Great White Shark

Most Dangerous Animal in the World

Weapon: Teeth

Great white shark belongs to shark family. It is the most dangerous animal and causes most of the deaths every year. Due to a huge size, it is one of that creature which causes unnecessary human fear.

Color and Size  shape, hesitate

Its mean length is 4.5 m (15 ft). But researchers recently found such shark whose length is nearly 6m (20ft). And the weight of great white shark is almost 2250 kg (5000 lb.). The upper part of shark has a beautiful blending of blue-grey and lower part of a body is white that why you can not see shark from below when the sunshine. The shape of a shark and strong tail help to swim and he travel at the distance 24 km/hr (15 mph).

Great shark mostly found in oceans of, California, South Africa, Australia and the northeastern United States. The minimum number of shark found in Azores, Brazil, the Caribbean, northwestern Africa, eastern Africa, the Seychelles, Madagascar, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, northern Australia, New Caledonia, the Philippines, and Hawaii. International Union for Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) reports a great white shark can be swim 820 feet (250 m) deep in the ocean.

Feeding and Teeth

When a great white shark is smaller than their source of food is small fishes and sun rays. But when a great white shark is huge in size than his source of food is a small wheel, sea animals, sea seals and sea creatures. Great white shark has a great sense in his blood and this sense work every part of the sea. That’s why he speedily attack his victim. The blood level of shark increase his excitement and that’s why he does not give time to victims and ate him. His teeth play the best role for attacking his victim. He has 3000 teeth which cause the deadly death of lives.

3.Asian Cobra

most dangerous animal in the world

Weapon: Venom

Asian Cobra is a Most Dangerous Animal in The World. It causes most of the deaths every year.Asian Cobra belongs to a family of the snake. It is expert in attacking with the help of venom

Size shape and Habitat

There are 28 to 270 species of cobra. Cobra length ranges from 6(2 m) feet to 18 feet(5.5m). one of the special treating tools of his body is his hood that supports neck ribs and creates fear. Cobras like to live in a hot place, forest or grassy area. However, he found in Africa and Southern Asia.  He spent most of the time under trees or rocks or stones.

Feeding and Venom

The food of Cobra is small mammals, eggs, a small snake, reptiles and other insects. Because of the slow metabolism cobra can survive a long time. It is expert to shoot its venom at a distance of 6 feet. Cobra has highly cytotoxic venom that infected body tissue and cell.  Also, tissue and cell expired due to the venom. After biting cobra human breath stop within 30 minutes.


Most Dangerous Animal in the World

Weapon: Bite

According to some people both female and male mosquito bite. But it is not true, only female mosquito bite because he needs to protein for development of eggs.It is one of the Most Dangerous Animals in the World. Because every year it causes the maximum number of deaths and also this figure is increasing day by day. Anopheles quadrimaculatus, Culex pipiens, Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus (Asian tiger mosquito) most common types of mosquitos.

Size, Shape, and Habitat

In world mosquitos species which are surveying almost 3500. And 175 species of mosquito found in the United States. “Mozzies” is the famous name of mosquito in Africa New Zealand and Australia. Now the size of mosquito is 1/4″ to 3/8″inches and colour is pale brown with whitish lining in the body. It has 6 legs and wings for a fly. Water is a most favourite place of mosquito whether it is dirty water or clean water. Within 10 days he lay eggs and larvae. That spread virus by biting.  There is no special place mosquito can be found everywhere tires, swimming pool, rainwater, corners of the room, behind doors specially dustbin and dirty areas. The mosquito can travel at the distance of 1 and 1.5 miles per hour. And wings vibration is 300 to 600 at a time.

Feeding and Bite

The source of food of mosquito is honey, dew from plants. Also, females mosquito needs protein from the blood of human, animals.birds.  So he lives near such places where he approaches protein which is necessary for eggs. Blood and sugar are important for mosquitos. Now a day dengue fever, malaria are common viruses spread by mosquito. By using bite tool hundred of peoples losses her lives.

5. Elephant

Most Dangerous Animal in the World

Weapon: Trunk, Legs and Weight

An elephant is a biggest and Most Dangerous animal in the world. And the first expression of the elephant looks like a friendly behaviour.But truth is that every year hundreds of peoples losses his lives.

Shape, size, weight, and Habitat

Elephant mostly found in sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, most south Asia. The height of African elephant is 4m(13ft). And weight is almost 7,000 kg that is 15,000 lb. A trunk of Elephant has many purposes both in the negative and positive sense. A trunk of Elephant is used for lifting water and also for defensive mood.

Big Ear of elephant controls his body temperature.Since elephants are harbiovers so he likes to live in forests, deserts, near water. One of the interesting things is elephant can survive 70 years in a forest.

Feeding and Trunks, legs, weights

The elephant is harbiovers so he likes to eat trees branches and all grassy things. Elephant defensive tool is his legs, trunks and weight.  Due to the heavy weight of elephant people consider he cannot be run but that is not true he runs very fast and attack his victims. Elephant attack considered to deadly attack because there is no chance to alive of peoples.  Every year many villagers and tourists lose his lives.

6. Box Jellyfish

Most Dangerous Animal in the World

Weapon: Venom Through Tentacles

Box Jellyfish is a sea animal and one of the Most dangerous animals in the world.  Also, it causes most of the death in every year. Wasps is another name of box jellyfish. It has no brain and invertebrates can survive less than 1 year.

Size Shape and Habitat

Box jellyfish mostly found in oceans of northern Australia and the South Pacific. Its size is the 3m length and cross-sectional area is 25 cm with the weight 2kg. A cube-shaped sea animal colour is pale blue and has 15 tentacles made of stinging cells called nematocysts. Nematocysts behave like a needle in human skin. And also is considered the best weapon of jellyfish. Also, it has six pairs of eyes.

Feeding and Venom Through Tentacles

Source of food of jellyfish is butterfish, batfish, crabs, sea turtles. Daily base food of jellyfish is sea turtles. One of the characteristics of jellyfish is sleeping because other jellyfish do not sleep. As discussed above Nematocysts. Nematocysts contain venom that directly infects human body and causes death within 3 minutes. Its venom considers as heart-stopping. Because it stops the heart and nervous system. The infected person can be paralyzed.

7. African Lion

Most Dangerous Animal in the World

Weapon: Teeth, Jaws, legs

We all of the know lion is king of the jungle. And this king causes deadly death in every year. The ratio of deaths can be noticed from the newspaper reports where every year majority of people and tourist died. It is an analysis of hunter three generation of lions killed people between 1500to 2000. According to the record of Kenya tell 1898 African lion killed 28 railway workers.

Size shape and Habitat

The size of African lion 4.5 to 6.5 feet(1.4 to 2 m) and length of the tail is between  26.25 to 39.5 inches (67 to 100 centimetres)  26.25 to 39.5 inches (67 to 100 centimetres) .whenever weights of the lion is 265 to 420 lbs. (120 to 191 kilograms). Lion liked to live in the forest.African lion found in Angola, Botswana, Mozambique, Tanzania, the Central African Republic, South Sudan and other parts of sub-Saharan Africa

Feeding and teeth, jaws, legs

Source of food of lion is large and small animals like goats, buffalos, stags,  nilgai, chital, sambhar. African lions are sometimes called big cat reason is that they have sharp teeth, strong jaws with the help of these they broke the victims into pieces. Lion speed is 80km/h that’s why he reached on victims with great velocity. According to zoologist report lion depend on her cannon teeth and jaws. He analysis this fact when he examines a lion whose canine teeth is infected during the attack.

Lion has three types of teeth Incisors, Canines, Carnassial. Incisors are used for griping victims. Canines are 7cm long and used for deadly attack and remaining is exist at the back of the mouth.

8. Black Mamba 

Most Dangerous Animal in the World

Weapon: venom

Black Mamba belongs to snake family but considers to most dangerous snake in the world. With the highest venom is caused deadly death. It is the fastest snake in the world and considered top killer. Because every year 20000 people died due to snake bite according to reports.

Size  Shape and Habitat

The black mamba is mostly found in rocks and hills of southern and eastern Africa. The size of black mamba is and mean length is 8.2 feet.this is fastest species in the earth because its velocity is 12 miles per hour. The colour of black mamba is a brownish and grey contrast with it. Its name is black mamba because inside his mouth there is a black or inky black lining when he opens his mouth then there is a warning or alarming signal for can survive 11 years in a wildlife. Black mamba favourite places are trees where he enjoys to sleep and empty area, rocks etc. Black mamba head size is 4 feet that’s why he can balance his head according to the body.

Feeding and venom

Source of foods of black mambas are birds,mamles and another small animal. One of the characteristics of black mambas he chases his victims speedily. After bitting and releasing his venom his victims become paralyize or died then he eat he also fulfils his basic need from various ways.

9. Saltwater Crocodile

Most Dangerous Animal in the World

Weapon: Tail, Jaw and Speed

Saltwater Crocodile is world oldest reptile.this is most dangerous animal in the world and cause 600 to 800 deaths every year.

Size, shape and  habitat

The word largest reptile length is 8m and mean length is 5m. Saltwater Crocodile mostly lived in northern Australia to eastern India and South-east Asia. Saltwater Crocodile can survive more than 65 years. According to Saltwater Crocodile, anyone guesses he can not swim. Saltwater Crocodile can swim at the distance of 900 km. The weight of Saltwater Crocodile is 1000lbs. Saltwater Crocodile likes to live in freshwater or muddy water.

Feeding and Tail, Jaw and Speed

Source of food Saltwater Crocodile is mammals, fishes, birds, and also try to collect food at night. Saltwater Crocodile is largest reptile and attack on her victims with the help of tail, jaw and speed. He has strong jaws closed in different dimensions but support during attacks. Saltwater Crocodile has a quality to attack giving no time to his victims.

10.Cape Buffalo

Most Dangerous Animal in the World


Weapon: Sharp horns, Unity and aggression

Cape Buffalo within his seems to be beautiful due to horns. But it is the most dangerous animal as compared to the lion. And causes massive loss of lives every year. According to reports, there are 200 people losses his lives as the result of cape buffalo attack. And cape buffalos belongs to the family of buffalos.

Size Shape and Habitat

Cape buffalo found in Africa .one famous statement is said about cape buffalo that is ‘’ all cape buffalos are African buffalos but all African buffalos are not African buffalos’’.Cape buffalos length is 340cm and carry weight between700 to 900 kg.And his strong tool that is horn length is 4 feet and this is considered as boss.The colour of cape buffalo is rich red to black. It varies according to species. Cape buffalo is harbiovers so he liked to live in grassy can survive 15 to 25 years.

Feeding and Horns Unity and Aggression

Cape buffalos are harbiovers so he eats grass, leaves, trees. Cape buffalos are considered in top 5 game means it is dangerous animal between five animal for hunting. The speed of cape buffalo is 37 miles per hour and it attacks victims with the help of horns.the cape buffalos cannot walk without water after 10 miles so he travelling with his group. The unity and aggression of cape buffalo are the main weapons and in this way, he attacks his victims.

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