Pakistani diet plan to lose weight | Follow Desi Diet Plan To Lose Weight

Pakistani diet plan to lose weight | Follow Desi Diet Plan To Lose Weight

Hi there, I was getting fat day by day and my army selection test dates were near so I decided to lose some weight and after some research, I came to know that I will have to lose at least 15 KG of weight if I really want to get considered in the Pakistan army. It was horrible because lose such mass in 2 months sounds like pure hell. So, I decided to go for a Desi but Pakistani diet plan to lose weight and results were satisfying. I have given my Desi Diet Plan to Lose weight below but before you jump into the diet plan remember, regular cardio exercises, gym, running, jogging and some good healthy steps are must include in your daily routine.

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Note: A normal human being needs almost 2000 – 3000 calories per day and if you are consuming more than this then there are very good chances for your body to store those extra calories as a fat and if you are intaking fewer calories than this then again your body will be storing some energy as a fat so that it could be used later. So, you will need a careful plan to get through this process. A well-planned diet and exercise both are important.

Before you start this Pakistani Desi Diet plan, would you like to know whey a friend of yours, with same age and height does not get fat after eating same junk food as you do?

Let me tell you how it works, our body’s metabolism plays a lot of games inside the body. If a body has fast and good metabolism then it will help food digestion and consumption of energy in a better way but if you have got a slower metabolism rate then your body is going to store wasted energy in the form of the fats. So, before you start a Pakistan diet plan to lose weight then make sure that your body metabolism is working fine.

Pakistani diet plan to lose weight | Follow Desi Diet Plan To Lose Weight

So, here is our pure desi diet plan for Pakistanies and Indians. Remember, this diet plan is designed for people who are at least 22 years old and having a height of at least 5’6 inches. Please, don’t stick to this diet plan only and make few changing as per your body mass and eating habits. This desi diet plan is just an idea or outline or is a good example for you to determine and design your own diet plan as a Pakistani or Indian. Here you go:

Caloric Deficit Diet Plan For One Month if You Want To Lose Your Weight


  1. Breakfast (Maximum Intake 300 Calories)
  • Two Hard Boiled Egg Whites (17+17 = 34 cal)
  • A cup of Green Tea
  • Or Skimmed Milk Tea Without Sugar (7 Cals)
  • 25 kg Yogurt (150 cals)

Total = 185 Cals

  1. Lunch ( max 300 cals)
  • 1 Apple (50 cals)


  • One Banana (103 cals)
  • Green Tea
  • Some raw vegies


  • One Plate of boiled brown rice with yogurt (250 cals)
  • Green Tea
  1. Dinner ( max 300 cals)

  • 1 bowl of veg soup (35 cals)
  • OR brown rice boiled with yogurt (250 cals)
  • Or meat soup with lower calories (36 cals)
  • Green tea
  • Or milk tea without cream with no sugar in it

What If I still feel Hungry after lunch of Dinner or want to have snacks?

In that case, having a handful of almonds is a good idea because they are low in calories and have healthy fats in them.




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