Science Safety Rules Kids and Students- Best Lab Safety Ideas

Science Safety Rules Kids and Students- Best Lab Safety Ideas

Science Safety Rules

Learning science is a hand on activity. Safety is the first priority for everyone that’s why today I decided to tell you about some Science safety rules. Some people especially kids who love playing with the science cannot even imagine that science can sometimes turn into a killing beast for the immatures. I am not sayint that childern should not play with the science, in fact, carrying out different experiments will help you clear your concepts but such things should only be done under the supervision of the matures.

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Okay, let’s come towards our topic. I’ll describe some science safety rules  and also why we need to obey these rules.

General Safety

  1. Just after you have entered the lab now you are on your own risk. you are responsible for all of your moves.
  2. Before performing any experiment, you should read about the apparatus that you will be using in the experiment. Make sure that a mature is also present in the lap so that he can take some serious action is case of the emergency.
  3. All scientific exeriments should be carried out in the clean atmospher.
  4. Don’t use any lab equipment for any other purpose e.g don’t use lab glassware for any drinking purpose because science safety rules are important.
  5. Always follow the exact dispose of chemical waste property as instructed by your teacher.
  6. Don’t touch the chemical bare handed.
  7. After the experiment, you should clean your hand with antibacterial soap and also clean your equipment which was used in the experiment.
  8. You should know how to handle all living organisms in a lab activity in a human manner.
  9. When you are using knives and any sharp instrument be aware that always cut away from your body. Never try to collect any broken piece of glass with gloves and also dont try to catch falling sharp instruments.

Clothing Safety

  1. Use of the goggles or lenses during the experiment when chemical, heat, and glassware is highly reccomended.
  2. Never let your lense get warmed during the experiment, it can be highly harmful for the eyes.
  3. Always use labcoat in the laboratory.
  4. Be careful about your long hair, jewellery and baggy clothes.

Accident and Injuries Safety

Always consider the following points for your science safety rules:

  1. Immediately Report your instructor when any accident (fire, breakage) or injury (cut, burn) occur.
  2. If a chemical gets droped on your skin or in the eyes immediately wash that body part. It is better to wash that part at least 15-20 minutes.

Handling Equipment Safety

  1. Don’t taste or smell the chemicals from the close range. Sometimes chemical fumes can turn into dangerous factors for the health.
  2. Be aware of damaged electrical equipment. Don’t use the damaged electrical equipment.
  3. Never use water near the electric equipment.
  4. Be aware that when an electric equipment is not in use that should be turned off.


Always clean you apparatus after carrying out an experiment. Science safety rules are very important for the healt of a scientist, kid, teacher or a student.

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