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Speak To Your Passed Away Loved Ones – Intoush Has Made it Possible

Different companies and organizations provide you opportunities to make your living life happy and healthy but none of them thinks about people who are dead. Whenever people die in the USA or in other corners of the world, their relatives are left with nothing but their flashbacks. The world had been waiting for a miracle way that could enable them to speak to their loved ones and no one knew that it has already happened right in the middle of the USA.

Speak To Your Passed Away Loved Ones – Powered By Intoush

Wait, what? Can I speak to my passed away loved ones? But how is it even possible when they are dead? These are the questions that are currently arising in your head right now but yes as announced by the Intoush afterlife solutions, now they are connecting people with their dead loved ones but here is another twist. You can’t only speak to your dead relatives but can also see them and even they will be able to see you and meet you like they are healthy and alive.

Intoush App – A Way To Your Passed Mates

According to Intoush officials, they will make it possible through their IOS and Android mobile apps. They are planning to release this heartwarming app on 2018. As mentioned, earlier, Intoush is planning something spiritual, unique and interesting for common people. A company trying to connect alive people with their dead ones is the first case of its type and people are keen to know what Intoush is going to represent in front of the world on 2018.

This is possible under the supervision of inventor of Intoush named Ray Lao. According to him, I always imagine people speaking to their loved ones and then I thought about this soulful app that could connect you with your family members if they are dead.

Intoush is Keen To Change the Cemetry Business

Yes! the main focus of Intoush is planning right things for you when you loved ones are dead. Intoush is keen to change the cemetery business all the way. Let’s take an example of your loved one who died a few years back and a lot of relatives, friends and family had to come and pay a visit to their loved ones in a funeral room without relaxed and open atmosphere where you could eat and drink.

Intoush is planning to modernize the funeral rooms with concession food items. Actually, sometimes when loved ones of the dead pay visits to the funeral homes for days, they might feel hungry or thirsty and in outdated funeral homes there is no option for them to buy food or drink. Intoush is now going to make it possible by providing food and drinkables at concession prices exclusively for the relatives of the dead ones.

Taking Funeral Business To Whole New Level

Funeral rooms are now going to look alike modern halls (I don’t want to give this example but just to give you an idea Intoush is now building funeral houses that are modern just like cinemas). Intoush is changing the burial service and graveyard business and its making them communities for families to be as one and its best piece all its free it will be accessible for android and Apple IOS.

In short, words now you don’t need to miss your loved ones after the demise because you can easily talk and see them through Intoush app that is yet to be release in 2018.




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