Top Rap Songs Right Now - Best 25 Songs So Far in 2017 Playlist

Top Rap Songs Right Now – Best 25 Songs So Far in 2017 Playlist

Top Rap songs are always been favorite of most of us since childhood. Rap is something you can say “talk informally” or Black Engish. At the beginning of hip-hop, one of the most famous rapper at that time was “DJ Kool Herc”. He started producing simple raps at his own parties. A good rapper has the ability to string words together into fascinating rhymes.Had we missed anything? What shouldn’t be on the list? What should’ve ranked higher or lower? Tell us in the comments. Below is the list of Top Rap Songs Right Now:

Top Rap Songs

Top rap songs right now


  • Bodak Yellow – Rapper (Cardi B)

Top rap songs right now

It’s the worth song of vacation, a remarkable and bold mainstream launching that accursed to the No. 3 shot on the Billboard Hot 100. Bodak Yellow song released in June 2017.Bodak Yellow had acquired the stream form Kodack Black 2014’s song “No Flocking”. It seems like an anthem of female empowerment.

  • Chanel – Rapper (Frank Ocean)

Top Rap Songs Right Now

There is something alluring with what Frank Ocean does rhythmically here. The rhythm of “Chanel” is typical enough, dragging 4/4 beat. But the way, his voice comes and goes and oscillations in and out and spans at its own whim, scathing himself off and resounding at abrupt moments, he fulcrum what could be a simple song into something that’s imposing for reasons you can’t entirely put your finger on.

  • Loyalty – Rapper (Kendrick Lamar)

Top rap songs right now

Loyalty is something you can say a radio-friendly song. The writer of this song is “Jason Parham” calls loyalty crazy which is beautiful in its own way. Also, Rihana’s part is incredible saying “though only eight bars”.Rihana’s rap is as vocal as it is concise.

  • Lose Yourself – Rapper (Eminem)

Top rap songs right now

Lose yourself song was written and produced by Eminem in association with Jeff Bass. This song was considered as Eminem’s best work at that time.This song won the “Academy Award for best original song” making it a first-ever rap song to have this quality of distinction.

  • Mask off – Rapper (Future)

Top rap songs right now

The Mask off song seems like “Topp Dogz” by Swedish hip-hop band. This song is on fire you can say and ranked number five at “BillBoard Hot 100”. It is forthcoming highest-charting single as a solo artist and overall on the chart.

  • Humble – Rapper (Kendrick Lamar)

Top rap songs right now

The Humble song became Lamar’s second number-one song according to Billboard Hot 100 after the success of bad blood song as a lead artist. It is also his fourth top-10 single and marked the highest debut for a hip-hop song.Selling over 111,000 copies in the first week, “Humble” became Kendrick Lamar’s second number one on digital songs chart following bad blood.

  • Bounce Back – Rapper (Big Sean)

Top rap songs right now

Bounce ranked number six on Billboard Hot 100 becoming Big Sean’s highest charting single to date.


  • In Da Club – Rapper (50 cent)

Top rap songs right now

In Da Club is a hip-hop song performed by American rapper 50 cent. This song received appreciation from critics at 46th Grammy Awards. Also nominated for Best male rap solo performance and best rap song.It is listed at number 24 on Billboard Hot 100 and remained on the chart for 30 weeks.

  • Stan – Rapper (Eminem)

Top rap songs right now

Stan has been called one of the Eminem’s best song and treated one of his signature songs. The rolling stone magazine ranked stan on number #296 in their “500 greatest songs of all time”. Also ranked on number #15 on VH1’s list of greatest hip-hop songs and sold over 880,000 copies only in the united kingdom.

  • PassionFruit – Rapper (Drake)


Top rap songs right now

Passionfruit song entered top ten of charts in Denmark, New Zealand, Ireland, and Canada. This song ranked at number 8 on US Billboard Hot 100.

You all know hip-hop has a soft side, too. I mean you don’t have to wait till Valentine’s Day to flow out in the impulse of romance.Best hip-hop songs are those that we can feel. They make us laugh, cry, and think. Go ahead and download them all.

So, These were the Top Rap Songs Right Now

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