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What is Silica? Facts And Health Effects

What is Silica?

What is silica? this is what you are looking for you? I will not make this concept very difficult, in short, silica is also known as the silicon dioxide (siO2) and it looks like a white powdered form.  Silica is one of the ancient compounds and is known by the man from long ancient times. In this brief article, I will not be talking about the complex structure of the silica as you can even find it in your textbooks.

Chemical formula of silicon dioxide

what is silica

The chemical formula of silicon dioxide is SIO2, it is the combination of the silicon and oxides.

How sand and Silica are related?

what is silica

Actually, sand is made up of the silica particles or in other words, the silica is a major part of the sand particles.

Abundance of Silica

what is silica

After answering what is silica? Now, I am going to explain about its abundance and will also be relating this paragraph with the above one, as I mentioned earlier, the silica is the major part of the sand and as you know sand is found abundantly in the world and the biggest example of this fact is the presence of the “Gobhi” desert. It means that silica is found in abundantly in the world.

What is the Use of Silica in our Daily lives?

What is silica

Firstly I was explaining what is silica and now it’s time to put a light on its uses. Yes! Now things are going to get more interesting as the use of the silica is very innovating. Can you even imagine that you have seen silica before? Have you even seen small packets of the white material that you find in the newly bought laptop bags, shoes, packed dresses and even in medicines?

The white material that is found in those bags is actually silica (silicon dioxide) and it helps in minimising the quantity of the moisture present in your laptop bags, medicines and etc.

Effects of silica on health

what is silica

what is silica and its effects on health? As you know, everything comes with some pros and cons and is the silica. up till now, I was explaining the benefits of the silica but now check the following list for its disadvantages or side effects.

  • If exhaled more than enough then it can cause lungs cancer.
  • Can also cause in T.B (tuberculosis).
  • more than enough exposure to the silica can cause different types of the cancers.

Hope, now you can answer by yourself about what is silica?

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