What To Do When Someone Faints - Help Fainted People To Treatment

What To Do When Someone Faints – Help Fainted People To Treatment

What to do when someone faints? How can we help a fainted person? Let us discuss different tips and tricks to help you loved ones. After reading this you will be able to cure and help that person. Fainting is a short live loss of senses that occurs when the brain stops receiving oxygen and blood supply to the brain is reduced to the minimal it can cause consciousness. After the fainted person is lying his brain and heart come to the same level which helps a lot.

According to a medical term i.e. “Syncope” which comes from Greek word “Synkope” and it means “Contradiction and Cut Off”. If you are too inexperience then take that person to the hospital ASAP.

“Fainting is the brief loss of consciousness, after returning to consciousness getting

          up too quickly may result in dazzling or cause a person to faint again.”

The better thing is that most of the time it’s not a symptom of any serious disease. So let’s discuss some of the best tips to help fainted person:


what to do when someone faints

Fainting is caused by Dehydration from moisture and humidity or exercise and due to this reasons person loses blood pressure and electrolytes. Upon recovery once he started recognizing people around him a little water and an electrolyte solution can be taken gradually. The symptoms of fainting are:

  • Pale
  • Sweating
  • Nausea
  • Lightheaded, Unsteady
  • Confused
  • Feeling Warm or Hot
  • Vomiting
  • Yawning
  • Blurred Vision


It’s very important to know about the quick measures when someone faints and you should know  what to do when someone faints in front of you.

Lie Down The Person

what to do when someone faints

You were looking for what to do when some one faints and the first step should be to lie him/ her down with his legs pointing upward (at least 12 inches). It will help him/ her restoring the blood level between heart and brain. Lie down the patient on the back, facing upwards. If anyone feels faint and unable to lie down he should sit with his head between his knees and his hands behind his head. Although the fainting duration will not be too long. But if the fainted person did not wake up for a longer period of time then he must be taken to the doctor without waste of time.

Loose His/Her Clothes

what to do when someone faints

Try to loosen all belts, ties, collars and restrictive clothing. If recovery position unconscious for more than a minute put the patient in the recovery position and get emergency medical help. Try to put cushion below person’s head and it will help him inhale the oxygen.

Commence CPR

what to do when someone faints

Check for breathing coughing or movement. If you cannot detect any, start CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and continue giving CPR until either help arrives or patient starts breathing on her/his own. If the individual was injured and is bleeding after the fall, apply direct pressure to control the bleeding.

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