Who Invented Exams? Wanna Know About The Person Behind This

Who Invented Exams? Wanna Know About The Person Behind This

who invented exams

Who Invented Exams?

So, What do you think? Who Invented Exams? Everyone wants to know that how term “examination” came into a reality. Who was the real cause behind this? And guess what I found out. Name of the person who invented exams was “Henry Fischel” an American. Henry Fischel was an American businessman philanthropist. Henry was born on July 19, 1865, and died in  1948.

who invented exams

Origin Of Exams

The concept of exams came up with a standardized test that was taken in ancient China. Chiefly, China was the country who applied a nationwide standardized test in China titled as “Imperial Examination”. This imperial examination was grasped by a man Sui Dynasty in 605 AD. Legitimate cause for this examination was to select capable candidates for specialized Government seats. After some time, this system was eradicated by Qing Dynasty which was the last imperial of China 1300 years later in 1905. Further England adopted this examination system for Majesty’s civil service in 1806.

Implementation On Education Systems

After the acceptance of examination system by Majesty’s civil service, this system applied to education systems which further affected the other parts of the world voluntarily. This is how the awareness of examinations for students developed.

Why We Need Examination System?

We need examination system to annihilate below average and non-performing people. We do not have any positive way to determine one’s knowledge base outside the examination. It also acts as an inspiring element since securing high grades in an examination gives an impression of accomplishment to a genuine student. Also, enforce students to learn something useful to get promoted to the next level.

Examination is one of the leading things that has happened to humanity. This system teaches you to work hard to get promoted to the next incredible level.Imagine a world without examination, even doctors do examine their patients.

Examination For Measuring

who invented exams

Exams are the essential part of our lives. Because going through this procedure we came to know who truly we are and what is our knowledge level. Examinations are used for measuring different things in this lifelike measuring skill level, mental level or measuring any device capability. Nowadays each gadget that we use experience analyzation and comes to the market for sale. Hence, in humans, analyzation is done through examinations.

So, today I revealed about a person who invented exams. Wanna say something? We are listening. Just shout out in the comment section.

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